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Tips when Buying a New Car

Top Tips when Buying a New Car from a Dealership

Getting a new car from the factory will cost you, to say the least. Some of the benefits that you get when you buy a new car however just can’t be compared with. For...

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Making Your Car Last Longer

Making Your Car Last Longer

Buying a new car can be expensive. Whether you are buying outright or taking the increasingly popular option to lease, cars can cost a lot of money. So, you’ll want to...

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Toyota e-Palette Concept

Toyota e-Palette Concept Unveiled At The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show

The Toyota e-palette concept was revealed this Monday at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. The concept is technically a self-driving cube-shaped electric car that will...

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EV Revolution

Fake-News Is Slowing Down The EV Revolution

If 2017 is going to be remembered for anything, it will be the epidemic that was – and is “fake news”. Whether you want to blame Donald Trump, the...

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Fastest Electric Cars

Top 10 Fastest Electric Cars of the World

Fastest Electric Cars The rise of technology in the automotive industry has made possible the brilliant electric cars. Unlike combustion engines running on petrol/diesel...

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SSC Tuatara Supercar

Teaser For The SSC Tuatara Supercar Released

A new teaser for the SSC Tuatara supercar has been unveiled by the North American automaker that made headlines back in 2011 with its Tuatara concept. The auto...

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Getting Your Next Car

What You Need To Know About Getting Your Next Car

Know Your Options There are many ways you can go about buying a car, but the question of which comes down to your individual situation. You can’t always tell what your...

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