Fw36 – A New Generation Model For The Racing Enthusiasts

The new racing sensation of the racing world, the FW36 model, has been under the first look of the people. Designed by the top most race car designer of the world, Williams, the model has been named as the Williams’ Heritage Blue. The first glimpse of the model has grabbed the ultimate response from the enthralling reviews and ratings from the people all over the world.

Apart from all other features, visible or hidden, the pointed nose of the car model has been remarked by many car lovers and racing expects. The officials describe it as the expected change in the new models of the race track cars due to the necessary considerations of the alterations made by the technical authorities. The machine has been declared to present some of the record breaking features including the powerful Mercedes PU16A Hybrid V6 1.6L engine for ultimate top speed more than any Formula 1 car in the history.

Williams’ Heritage Blue

First time in the entire history of the Williams, the FW36 has been loaded with the 8 speed sequential semi-automatic transmission. Obviously, the drive is going to be more than just awesome, mainly when all such advanced technology has been packed up in just 890kg of the lightweight model. The exact top speed of the model is still top be revealed in the Formula One Racing Track of the 2014 Session.

Williams’ Heritage Blue

The special ERS system of the car is enough to cool down the car at the high speed. However, the demand of the water cooled car models is observed to fall down gradually. Besides, the Mercedes powered HPP technology is integrated in FW36 model to make suburb on the ultimate race track. Based on the highly aerodynamic design, the expert is sure that the model will outwit any other racing car this season with the hot news on the cover page of the media.

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