Drew Hendricks

Drew Hendricks covers the newest technology and makes it easy to understand. He ghostwrites and creates native advertising for automotive startups as well as major media outlets.

steering wheel cleaner

Steering Wheel Cleaner – Top Tips To Clean A Steering Wheel

Did you ever think of using a steering wheel cleaner to clean dirt, built-up grime, bacteria, and grease? Well, you should since steering wheels easily accumulate your...

police department vehicle graphics

Police Department Vehicle Graphics: How They Can Have A Positive Impact On The Community

Have you ever noticed the graphics on police cars? They are carefully designed to raise community awareness of the police department and its activities. The use of...

Aston Martin DB11

7 Strongest Competitors of the Aston Martin DB11

Replacing the DB9, the Aston Martin DB11 is the new edition in the automaker’s lineup carrying a remarkable V12 powertrain generating 600 bhp and boasting a phenomenal...

car dash cam

Roll Safe with These Road Safety Techs

Each time you get behind the wheel, you never know when you might run bumper-first into a devastating accident. But thanks to technological advancements, there are now a...

buy pre owned cars

7 Important Things to Consider When Buying Pre Owned Cars

Americans buy a new car about every 3 to 4 years. Cars are not showing their age as much, and more people are opting to purchase a used vehicle. Used vehicle sales hit...

top gadgets you need for road safety

Accessorize Sensibly, Decorate Safely: Safety Add-Ons for Automobiles

Accidents involving motor vehicles are sometimes inevitable. Aside from medical concerns, drivers in these accidents often need to deal with the legal consequences. An...

in-House Car Financing

What Are the Benefits of In-House Car Financing?

In-house financing gives you the opportunity to drive the car of your choice through major dealerships with financing loan programs. If you don’t qualify for a loan...

koenigsegg CO2 neutral' ignition supercar

Koenigsegg Means to Manufacture a ‘CO2 neutral’ ignition supercar

Koenigsegg doesn’t simply need ignition-controlled supercars to contend with EVs, as far as performance is concerned. It wants to make an eco-friendly car, as...

Top Rated Family Cars

Top Rated Family Cars for 2018-2019

As the New Year draws closer, motorists are eyeing on the new vehicle models that could make their journeys safer and more convenient. Top Rated Family Cars Today, we...