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driving in Australia

Unique Rules of the Australian Road

Many great destinations in Australia are only accessible by car. But although cars operate the same way in all countries, most tourists may be thrown off when driving in...

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classic muscle car restoration

A Beginner’s Guide: How to Classic Muscle Car Restoration

Before restoring a classic muscle car it’s important to do some research first. Keep reading for a beginner’s guide: how to classic muscle car restoration....

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commons auto parts

Car Care: Identifying the Common Auto Parts that Need Routine Replacement

According to an article from Consumer Reports, the average lifespan of all cars on the road is more than 11 years. Some well-built vehicles, when properly maintained,...

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best way to use car air conditioning

7 Mistakes Everybody Makes with the Air Conditioning in Their Car

We’ve seen an article outlining 5 car air conditioning mistakes circulating online. While accurate, it’s left out a few equally important things. Here’s a much...

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most popular used cars

The Most Popular Used Cars of 2019

Here we take great pride in selling an assortment of the most popular used cars in the form of an auction. The great thing about used cars is that whilst the car might...

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the latest car technology

The Latest Car Technology from Today and the Near Future

It is human nature to be curious about the future and to try and imagine what sort of technology will exist when we get there. This has been demonstrated in many films...

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fastest car in the world

Fastest Car in the World: Top 11 Speed Monsters

When it comes to the fastest car in the world, we mostly consider speed, convenience, luxury features, design, and handling. However, most experts measure automotive...

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