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Top Rated Electric Cars

Top Rated Electric Cars You Should Be Looking Out For

Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of the environmental consciousness movement, it is becoming more common to see electric and hybrid cars on the road. While it was a...

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new bugatti divo

New Bugatti Divo Hit The European Market in Paris

Bugatti hits the European market with its all new Bugatti Divo, but you can’t order this luxury car because they’re already sold out. They revealed their new auto in...

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get in a car crash

7 Steps to Take if You Get in a Car Crash

Whether you’ve been driving for decades or you’re new behind the wheel of a car, auto accidents aren’t always avoidable. No matter how safe and cautious of a...

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infinitis project black s is a f1 technology concept car with 563bhp

Infiniti’s Project Black S is a F1 Technology Concept Car with 563bhp

Project Black S is an Infiniti’s concept car F1 technology and A 563-HP machine. It’s a high-performance flagship car but you can neither drive, nor purchase this...

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the most common types of car accidents

The Most Common Types of Car Accidents and How You Can Avoid Them

No matter how safe of a driver a person may feel that he or she is, it’s impossible to know how other drivers will react behind the wheel. We can’t prevent others...

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best used family cars

7 Best Used Family Cars of 2018

They say if you want to score a bargain, buying a used car is your best bet. However, if your car is not reliable enough to get you from one point to another, is it...

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Hennessey F5 Venom overshoots 300 mph benchmark

Hennessey F5 Venom overshoots 300 mph benchmark – challengers required

Hennessy hops into the 300 mph race with its F5 Venom prototype. The prototype will enter its testing phase in 2019, having high-speed testing at the end of the same...

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