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car maintenance tips

Car Maintenance: 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of your Motor

Keeping your vehicle road worthy isn’t only a legal requirement, but it ensures you stay behind the wheel for longer. Regular servicing means fewer trips to the garage...

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steering wheel cleaner

Steering Wheel Cleaner – Top Tips To Clean A Steering Wheel

Did you ever think of using a steering wheel cleaner to clean dirt, built-up grime, bacteria, and grease? Well, you should since steering wheels easily accumulate your...

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first time car buyers

7 Common Mistakes First Time Car Buyers Make

No matter how old or young, everyone makes mistakes. We’ve all been there, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. After all, the best way to learn is by making...

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car insurance policy as a driver

5 Reasons Auto Insurance is Essential

If you’re a first-time driver, there’s no doubt that you’re caught up in the excitement of buying your first car and enjoying the absolute freedom that...

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exotic car rental near me

5 Things To Expect From an Exotic Car Rental Near Me

Have you been on the lookout for an “exotic car rental near me”? Why not? Driving an exotic car is a fantasy for many, but you should experience it at least...

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motorhome electrics

Using and Understanding Your Motorhome Electrics

Motorhomes have enjoyed a major resurgence in popularity recently, as sales of campervans and motorhomes have increased rapidly since the coronavirus pandemic....

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are volvos expensive to maintain

Are Volvos Expensive to Maintain – A Guide To Maintain Volvo Cars

The answer to the question – are Volvos expensive to maintain – depends on your comparison criteria. For instance, if you are comparing the maintenance cost...

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