The Best and Cheapest Way to Replace a Mercedes Key

So, you have misplaced your Mercedes car key and now are looking for the cheapest way to replace a Mercedes key. Fret not! You are not alone when it comes to losing your car keys. It can happen to anyone at any point in their life. It is just a small key, and human beings tend to forget often. The cheapest way to replace a Mercedes key is buying it from Amazon, followed by taking the services of a locksmith, and lastly buy and coding it yourself. It might not be a surprise for you, but the priciest way to get a replacement Mercedes key is through the official dealership.

Cheapest Way To Replace A Mercedes Key

cheapest way to replace a Mercedes key
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Buy it from an Ecommerce Platform. Amazon and eBay are the two biggest eCommerce platforms in the world. Their extensive product range also includes car accessories. However, Amazon has a separate section, “Your Garage”, offering car related stuff. You should visit “Your Garage” on Amazon to find the Mercedes key fob you are looking for. If your mind is not at ease to pay extra for a common mistake you have made, the cheapest way to replace a Mercedes key is by buying it online. So, how to go about it? Well, visit Your Garage page and search the blank key for the Mercedes model you own. Bear in mind that blank keys are mostly uncut and un-programed. Here are proper steps to follow:

  • The first thing you need to do is log in on Amazon. If you do not have an account, create a new one.
  • Login by giving your username and password, and find the “Amazon Garage” page.
  • Locate the drop-down menu and choose your specific Mercedes model year or add your vehicle information.
  • Amazon will present you with all the products related to your Mercedes model.
  • Filter the search to get Mercedes keys and pick the key for your model.
  • You might also have to purchase a lock/unlock remote with the key.

If you have a newer Mercedes model, you might not need the remote because they come with smart keys, combining the key and remote. While choosing the key, ensure that it has the metal backup key and is the correct version. If you are unsure, consult Google or a Mercedes forum. While buying from Amazon is the cheapest way to replace a Mercedes key, it comes with a disadvantage. You have to wait for several days to get it, so you can’t drive the car until you get it. It will not work for someone needing the key immediately. Furthermore, cutting and coding will take time, as you have to find the right locksmith or official Mercedes dealership to cut and code the key.

Local Mobile Locksmith

Either you buy from Amazon/eBay or directly from an individual; you need a locksmith to cut and code the key. It is wise to call a local mobile locksmith to come to your place and do his job. He should be able to complete his job in a short time, provided he is an expert in coding the key. Some locksmiths also offer keys, but you need the one who supplies explicitly Mercedes keys. Therefore, ask him if he has the right key for your Mercedes and is able to code it. Coding the Mercedes key isn’t an easy job because the automaker uses advanced technologies to secure the electronic locks.

Code It Yourself

If you have the technical expertise and are ready to take the challenge, you can code the Mercedes key yourself. A word of caution: coding the Mercedes key is different and more complex than coding any other key. Bear in mind the following things when you embrace the challenge.

  • Understand that the replacement key is a spare key, and you can code it. However, you can never code an original master key.
  • You cannot code a Mercedes Smart Key due to restrictions from the automaker. The only programmable key is the “Flip” key.
  • As you cannot program a master key, the only way you can have a new one is by ordering from the official dealership.
  • Remember that once you program the replacement key, it will not allow you to reprogram for another vehicle. However, you can reprogram it as many times as you want for the car you programed it for initially.

If none of the Mercedes key methods above works for you, the only option left is to get the key from the Mercedes dealership. Of course, it isn’t the cheapest way to replace a Mercedes key, but you need the key after all.

Other Methods Of Replacing A Mercedes Key

While not the cheapest way to replace a Mercedes key, we have other methods to consider if you have lost your Mercedes spare keys.

  1. Visit a Local Garage: You can always visit your local garage and inquire if they can provide you with the Mercedes key for your vehicle. It could be more expensive compared to all the methods we have shared above.
  2. Car Insurance Provider: You can always add car keys to the policy when you go for insurance. You can have it included in the policy or get a standalone policy for keys only. With such a plan, your insurer is bound to replace the Mercedes key when you lose it. The only problem is that you will have to pay the premium even you never lose your Mercedes key.
  3. Visit The Dealership: The priciest of all but most reliable, you can always have your Mercedes car key from its official dealership.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a spare Mercedes key cost me? You have to dole out anything from $200 to $300 for a new Mercedes key. However, it could be costlier than this, as some Mercedes owners had to pay up to $560 for a key. While you don’t have to show the dealers your Mercedes-Benz car or the existing key, they will not proceed until they verify ownership. They would ask for the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) as well as the vehicle registration number and driver’s license. You can always find the cheapest way to replace a Mercedes key – a few of them we have discussed previously. You can buy an un-coded, uncut key online or from a locksmith. However, you should be aware of the challenge you might face with an un-coded key. Is an auto locksmith capable of programing a Mercedes key? Bear in mind that programing a Mercedes key might not be possible for an average locksmith. Only a locksmith experienced in programing a Mercedes key can do the job right. It is wise to find a locksmith offering emergency mobile roadside service. They will be able to program the key or repair the remote key fob at your place quickly. An expert auto locksmith is good at:

  • Fixing car key fobs and offering spare fobs
  • Mending a remote Mercedes key fob
  • Resolving a transponder key that is wrecked/cracked
  • Offering an extra transponder key
  • Correcting a transponder chip within the vehicle key remote that is wrecked or smashed
  • Offering a lost Mercedes key fob
  • Reprogramming Mercedes key fobs

When you buy a blank Mercedes key, an expert locksmith is the best person to program it. How long do I have to wait to get a new Mercedes key? It all rests on the source from where you are getting the key. For instance, if you have purchased a blank Mercedes key from Amazon or eBay, you should consider the delivery time as well as the time an expert locksmith would take to program it. If you have ordered the key from an official showroom, they will require time to get the key from the department responsible for providing the programed keys. While it will likely take many days, the dealership might offer you a temporary key to drive the car, which can be a lifesaver if you need to drive urgently. In case you have decided to hire the services of a local locksmith, ask them how much time it will take to receive the programed key. If you are looking for the cheapest way to replace a Mercedes key, an auto locksmith might be the quickest option. They can handle emergency repairs and replacements. The only thing you should be careful of is to spend time finding an expert and skillful locksmith who can handle Mercedes key programing flawlessly. Why do locksmiths and dealers charge so high for Mercedes keys? Locksmiths and dealers mostly charge a high amount for new keys because they are not readily available to them. It is true that when we lose our vehicle key, we want to have the replacement fob as quickly as possible. It is the reason we are ready to pay a high amount to get going on the road. However, we should keep in mind the advanced technologies Mercedes use in its cars. It is not that easy to program a new key, and experts are scarce, as well. We see most new vehicles now use keyless entries. Of course, it boosts the vehicle’s security through codes applied to the system. Mercedes-Benz is one of the pioneers in this equipment and even suggested the name “smart key.” For that reason, you should remember that smart keys are small electronic devices with innovative circuitry and a battery. While the equipment is small, it is costly owing to its complicated inner workings. The Mercedes fob is an expensive device itself without you considering the price of equipment and labor charges. How can I go about starting a Mercedes with a dead key? If your Mercedes key battery loses the current and you cannot ignite the engine with the Start Engine push button, you can start the mill manually. Using the following guidelines, you can crank the S-Class, C-Class, GLE-Class, ML-Class, E-Class, GL-Class, SL-Class, and SLK-Class Mercedes. Here are quick instructions to follow:

  • The first step to start your Mercedes is to unlock the door with the metal key manually.
  • Now put the fob into the ignition by detaching the Start / Stop button from the ignition lock. You can effortlessly pluck it, and the button will pop out.
  • Now, put the smart key into the ignition.
  • Push the brake pedal and ensure the gearbox is in ‘Park’ state.
  • Rotate the KEYLESS-GO key in the ignition to activate the engine. Stop turning the moment the mill cranks.
  • It is wise to keep the Engine Start/Stop button in a safe place. When you get a new battery for the key, you can then reinsert it. For the time being, you can crank the engine in this way.

Is it possible to track my Mercedes key? You cannot track your Mercedes key, but the official Mercedes-Benz dealer can. They can also disable it and arrange a new electronic remote. It will destroy the old details forever. In the event someone steals your key, it is wise to change the mechanical locks as well, albeit the robbing attempt with the mechanical key will trigger the alarm. A better idea is to change both the mechanical locks and the electronic key. For this, you should visit a Mercedes dealer in your area. Is it possible to program my Mercedes car key? Yes, you can program the key on your own, but you should do it only if you are proficient in programing car keys. Even if you know the programing of certain keys, you might have trouble coding the Mercedes key. Moreover, you should know that only ‘Flip’ Mercedes keys are programmable. You cannot program ‘smart’ keys on your own. For this purpose, you must visit your dealership or an expert locksmith.

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