Ford Keyless Entry Code Hack – Find Keyless Passcode, Create/Erase New Ones

A Ford keyless entry code hack is helpful to retrieve the 5-digit factory code set by the manufacturer. There are multiple ways to find the Ford keyless entry code, and in this post, we will discuss every possible method.

How to Ford Keyless Entry Code Hack?

ford keyless entry code hack

Besides, we will explain how to use the keypad entry, lock and unlock the keypad, program a new key code, and reset the factory code.

What is a Ford Keyless Entry Code?

A Ford Keyless Entry system, located on the driver’s side door, works like other vehicles, allowing you to enter the car without using your Ford key. The manufacturer protects the keyless entry system through a code, which you can reset anytime. You need this code to lock or unlock the vehicle through either physical buttons or invisible buttons that illuminate when you touch the pad.

Ford Keyless Entry Code Hack

How to Find Ford Keyless Entry Code?: All the modern Ford cars come with keyless entry, and the manufacturer sets a factory code for every vehicle. You can find the factor key code on:

  • Car key tag
  • Owner manual
  • On the sticker at the driver’s side door
  • White label inside passenger side fuse box
  • Remote Anti-theft Personality (RAP) Module

Besides these, you can also hit a Ford dealership to get the code. They will charge you a fee, though, for this.

How Can I Apply for The Ford Keypad Entry?

Now that you know the Ford keyless entry code hack to find your Ford factory code, you should understand how to use the keypad entry. The keypad can be physical or interactive, with each button having two numbers written.

You can get detailed information about Ford keypad entry on your owner manual. Alternatively, you can simply click the number in the series mentioned on the factory code to lock or unlock your vehicle.

New ford vehicles have an interactive keypad with LED-lit indicator buttons. The invisible buttons activate when you touch them and are easily accessible on the bi-pillar at the driver’s door. Older models have the keypad under the door handle on the driver’s door.

Locking and Unlocking A Ford with Keypad

In case you do not have the key code handy, you may use another way to get it. The simple way to get the key code requires the two ignition keys that come with the vehicle.

First, insert the key into the ignition, switch it on and off, and then remove it. Repeat the same process with the second key, and you will see the 5-digit factor code on the instrument cluster.

If you are buying a secondhand Ford vehicle, inquire about the factor key from the owner. In case you are the new Ford owner, here are steps to lock and unlock your keypad.

1. Unlock with The 5-Digit Code: Now that you know the 5-digit factory code, you can use it to unlock your Ford. If your vehicle has an interactive lock located on the driver’s door, on the bi-pillar, just tap the code to unlock. It will unlock the driver’s door only. To open all the doors, click the 3-4 button and press the 5-6 button for the trunk.

2. Lock with 7-8 and 9-0 Buttons: Ford keyless entry code hack for locking is as easy as 123. Just click the 7-8 and 9-0 buttons simultaneously to lock the vehicle.

How To Program A New Keycode on Your Ford Vehicle?

There could be several reasons to set a new 5-digit personal code. Programing a new code is effortless and is a good idea if multiple people in your family drive a Ford car.

  • First, input the factor code to unlock your Ford
  • Click the 1-2 button within 2 seconds
  • Give a new 5-digit code
  • Click the 1-2 button again to save the new code

You can follow the same process (with slight variation) multiple times to create codes for different users. The code may memorize different settings for every user. For example, once a user unlocks the Ford car with their code, the seats and mirrors will readjust to their set position by the user. Here is how to save different codes:

  • Since you saved the first code on the 1-2 button, now enter the second code and click the 3-4 button to save it.
  • Input the third entry code and click the 5-6 button.
  • Input the fourth entry code and click the 7-8 button.
  • Similarly, you can save the fifth entry code on the 9-0 button.

Please note that these five custom codes will work alongside the factory passcode. In summary, you can have six codes at a time to lock and unlock your Ford vehicle.

How To Program A New Key Code With MyFord Touch?

The latest Ford vehicles allow you to program your new key code through MyFord Touch, as well.

  • To create a new entry code through MyFord Touch, start your vehicle and make sure all the doors are locked.
  • On the MyFord Touch home screen, click on the menu button to start the programing function.
  • A new screen will appear, where you need to find the ‘Vehicle’ icon and click it.
  • In the vehicle list options, click on ‘Door Keypad Code.’ Next, input the vehicle’s factory code.
  • Lastly, when the system prompts, enter a new 5-digit code of your choice. You are all set to use this code for entry into your vehicle.

What Is The Easiest Way To Reset Your Ford Keyless Entry Code?

Whether you want to change your Ford keyless entry code or just erase it, you need to follow a few simple steps. First off, input your vehicle’s factory code and then click on the 1-2 button within a couple of seconds.

Now enter your 5-digit entry code and press the 1-2 button for around 5 seconds. It will remove any code set previously. Another method to reset the entry code is to press the 7/8 and 9/0 buttons simultaneously after hitting the 1-2 button. Remember, you should not take more than 5 seconds to press any following button. It will erase the code of the previous owner and allow you to use the factory code.

In case you do not remember the factory code, you can follow the steps we mentioned above to find it.

What Can You Do With Keyless Entry Function?

It is essential to know the applications of Ford keyless entry. It can:

  • Lock and unlock doors
  • Remember various seat and mirror adjustments
  • Activate and deactivate the anti-theft alarm
  • Open your Ford trunk
  • Set and remove personal/custom entry codes

Is Ford Keyless Entry Code Safe?

Ford keyless entry is a totally safe facility for users, but you need to be cautious on your side. You should know the system works within your Ford’s 6-foot radius (it may vary for different models). It means a hacker may not be able to hack the code if he is 6-foot away from your vehicle.

Even if you have set a keyless entry code on your Ford, you should still activate your garage alarm system. Hackers have access to advanced hacking devices, so we should take all defensive measures.

Which Ford Models Have Keyless Entry System?

Ford unveiled its first keyless entry system in 1980 and now calls it SecuriCode Keyless Entry. The system was first available for vehicles like Ford Thunderbird and Lincoln Mark VI. All the new Ford models have the system installed on the B-Pillar, which you can activate with the touch of your finger. Enter the factory code or program your own. The system will unlock all doors when you press the 3-4 button and unlock the trunk when you press the 5-6 button. Locking of all doors requires you to press the 7-8 and 9-0 buttons at the same time.

Protective Measures You Should Take To Avoid Theft

Besides benefiting from our Ford keyless entry code hack, you should also make sure to adopt protective measures. These will keep you on the safe side.

  • Do not leave your Ford key inside, even if you are just a few feet away from your vehicle.
  • Ensure to roll up and lock all the windows when you leave your vehicle
  • Hide valuable items like mobile phones and laptops to avoid unnecessary attention
  • It is good to have a loud alarm or anti-theft system
  • You should also opt for a suitable vehicle tracking system
  • An immobilizer should also be a part of the safety package
  • Try not to load groceries or luggage with the vehicle running
  • Always park in well-lit spots

Ensure to follow these tips to protect your vehicle from intruders.


Ford keyless entry is a valuable feature for Ford owners, letting them enter the vehicle even without the key. In case you have forgotten the entry code Ford has set for the vehicle, you can still retrieve it through our Ford keyless entry code hack. We have explained various ways to recover the factory code and even discussed how to program the new codes. If you have forgotten your personal entry code, no worries; you can erase it and add a new one.

We hope our guide on Ford keyless entry code hack will be valuable for you. We have tried explaining every point regarding Ford’s keyless feature. If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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