Regular maintenance and care are essential to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. From minor scratches to worn-out interiors, the wear and tear of everyday use can detract from the overall appearance and allure of your car.

Today, we will explain everything about the fog light symbol and when you should use these lights.

Getting into a car accident can be extremely stressful. If your car gets severely damaged, it may even be declared a total loss, or "totaled" by the insurance company.

The statute of limitations is different in every state and based on the type of claim you are filing, so understanding this information will make it less likely that you will miss a deadline.

We have picked the best run flat tires after precise assessment, examining the pros and cons of each.

Car accidents can be a traumatic experience for anyone involved. Besides dealing with the physical and emotional impact of the accident, there can be a lot of legal issues to deal with.

Fender benders and similar minor car accidents that typically happen at low speeds can still cause injuries to drivers and passengers.

Studies show that almost 95% of car accident cases are settled out of court. This is because reaching a mutual agreement is faster and often less costly than a full trial.

We’re here to help you maintain your vehicle at home with a list of things you can do right in your own garage or front yard.