Fiat 600e Electric Model is Already Winning Hearts

This one is a blockbuster for all the Fiat lovers. Fiat 600e has recently been unveiled and it is a beautiful addition to the B segment. At the same time, the brand is still true to its commitment to sustainable urban mobility. Everything is simply gorgeous with this electric vehicle along with its specs, extended range and a Dolce Vita Charm.

fiat 600e electric model

Let’s look into the beautiful features. First of all the electric vehicle is designed for both adventure seekers and city dwellers. Also, it is the perfect embodiment of eco-friendliness and Italian style. The electric vehicle has a spacious 4.17 m length that can accommodate 5 passengers. Along with that, there is a 360 -litre boot capacity.

Fiat 600e comes equipped with lithium ion batteries with 54 kWh capacity. The battery also provides an impressive electric range of over 250 miles on the WLTP. The amazing thing is that you can charge the electric vehicle in less than 30 minutes with a 100 KW fast charger. There are three driving modes and these are eco, normal and sport.

Plus the electric powertrain is wonderful and delivers 115 kW that takes the Fiat 600e from 0 to 62 mph in just 9.0 seconds.

Talking about the exterior and interior design it is all about Italian and Dolce Vita Charm. There is also an Italian flag on the rear bumper along with the bigger wheels and black matte accents.

Fiat 600e has everything a fiat lover can desire. It revives the B-segment with a beautiful blend of Italian flair and eco-conscious engineering.

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