Car accidents are, unfortunately, an inevitable occurrence in our lives. In 2020, the NHTSA estimated a total of 5,215,071 non-fatal crashes on U.S. roads, with many more suffering injuries and even fatalities.

Getting injured in a car accident in Burlington can be devastating. Depending on the extent and severity of your injuries, it can result in some life-changing consequences.

Motorbikes make commuting easier, and they are cheaper to park. They have become a go-to vehicle for anyone who wants better mobility. But because of their smaller size, motorbikes have less stability than cars and trucks.

Truck accidents can have serious consequences often resulting in serious injuries, fatalities, and extensive property damages.

You hear car tires screeching, and a loud bang and jolt suddenly hit you. You immediately realise that you were involved in a motor vehicle accident. Checking on yourself, through all of the confusion, you feel a sharp pain in your right foot.

Motorcyclists can get badly injured due to the neglectful actions of other drivers. Car and truck drivers often cause motorcycle crashes by failing to look out for motorcycles or not recognizing the size of a motorcycle.

Here are some specific elements you may need to prove to succeed in a negligence claim in a car accident case.

Car accidents can be serious business. While it may not seem like a significant event at the moment, there are often far-reaching implications that people don't consider until it is too late.

Thinking of filing for compensatory damages after a car accident? Here’s how personal injury lawyers can help you with your claim.

Let's look at how much Canada's average auto insurance premiums vary in a few states and determine whether or not this upward trend can be stopped.