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Following stints as a web content writer and social media expert, Antonio Richard has spent almost his entire career in online writing, he has worked for different World’s top rank directories and social sites and his most popular work can see in the field of Tech, Auto and Social Media.

Things That Really Grind My Gears When Driving

4 Things That Really Grind My Gears When Driving

Driving should be peaceful and fun. Every time I get behind the wheel of my car I’m filled with hope that today will be the day where I can set out and have a nice...

BMW 216i Gran Tourer

BMW Introduces The 216i Gran Tourer To Singapore

If you are planning to relocate to Singapore with your family and pets, then you will need a big car to accommodate everyone during the different family errands and...

Family-friendly cars

Upsizing: Vehicles To Buy When You Need More Space

As you go through life, your situation can change, and you may find that you need something different from a vehicle you use for work or leisure. Sometimes, it may be a...

Tesla Model Y Rumor Round-up

Tesla Model Y Rumor Round-up

Tesla turned a lot of doubters into believers with its Model S and Model X. With the widespread release of the Model 3 by the end of 2018, the EV giant is focusing on...

UK Road Laws

Breaking Down UK Road Laws and Their Level of Enforcement

The following is a list of figures and statistics covering various UK road laws, as well as an explanation of the law in question, as researched by Van Monster. The law...

Afford Your Dream Car

Four Clever Ways to Afford Your Dream Car

If you are a car enthusiast, you may find yourself with two separate lists. One for the cars that you can realistically afford, and one for the cars of your dreams. You...

drive distracted

The 10 Ugliest Cars Ever

In no particular order, here are 10 awful-looking cars that got our attention for all the wrong reasons… Nissan Cube As the name suggests, ‘boxy’ is probably...

Best Cars For Rural Use

The 5 Best Cars For Rural Use In 2017

As car lovers, we often look for the ‘wow’ factor in places that mostly constitute high speeds and urban practicality in our city or town lives. How often do we look...

Financial Troubles Continue For Ambitious Faraday Future

Financial Troubles Continue For Ambitious Faraday Future

It seems prospective Tesla-Killer can’t get a break from its financial troubles. The California based car manufacturer is still at-least two years away from delivering...