4 Things That Really Grind My Gears When Driving

Driving should be peaceful and fun. Every time I get behind the wheel of my car I’m filled with hope that today will be the day where I can set out and have a nice long drive with no annoyances.

Unfortunately, you’ve probably got more chance of winning the lottery than having a peaceful drive nowadays. There are simply too many things on the roads that cause distress and annoyance. Here are the things that really grind my gears the most:

Things That Really Grind My Gears When Driving

Bad Road Surfaces

It’s impossible to have a relaxing drive when the road you’re on feels like it’s made entirely out of cobblestones. A road should be smooth and have very few bumps in it. Alas, most roads end up filled with potholes that ruin every journey. You’re left with a conundrum; drive over them and risk damaging the bottom of your car, or swerve to avoid them and risk causing problems for other drivers. Not to mention the fact that bumpy and broken roads make the ride so unbearable, particularly for passengers. Why can’t all roads be smooth and perfect? Why?!

Reckless Drivers

Is there anything worse than someone that doesn’t care about other people’s safety? I can’t lie, I like driving fast from time to time, particularly on highways. But, I only do it when it’s safe, and there’s no risk of harming other drivers. Reckless drivers don’t care, and they do things that cause accidents all the time. The speed when they don’t need to, they don’t indicate, and they drive distracted. There are loads of injuries you can get after a car accident. People have become disabled thanks to reckless drivers, or worse, killed. They’re an absolute disgrace, and it really bugs me when I’m stuck behind one or come across one during my drive.

Slow Drivers

Yes, I know I just went on a rant about fast, reckless drivers, so it seems contradictory to say I hate slow drivers too. The fact is, they’re not reckless, but they’re too careful. They’re going too slow, and this can cause accidents too. Plus, it makes a quick journey turn into a longer one, which really annoys me. It’s rare you come across someone that fits into the happy medium of not driving recklessly or being too careful – we need more people like this!


The fourth thing that grinds my gears is pedestrians. I don’t dislike all pedestrians, just the ones that cross the road thinking they’re Jesus and every car will stop for them. Or the ones that press the button at a set of lights, only to cross before the lights change, meaning we have to wait at a red light for nobody to cross. What are you doing? Just cross safely and use lights properly, it’s really not that hard.

This has been a bit of a rant piece today, but I think it’s one a lot of you can relate to. We’ve all got certain things that tick us off while driving, and I’m interested to hear any of yours too. What do you hate the most? Comment down below to start a discussion!

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