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Following stints as a web content writer and social media expert, Antonio Richard has spent almost his entire career in online writing, he has worked for different World’s top rank directories and social sites and his most popular work can see in the field of Tech, Auto and Social Media.

How to Get You and Your Car Prepared for a Track Day

How to Get You and Your Car Prepared for a Track Day

There has been a lot of action in the early months of the 2017 Formula One season — has the action got you inspired to get behind the wheel and enjoy a few laps of a...

DIY Motorcycle Maintenance

DIY Motorcycle Maintenance: The Start of the Season

Can you already smell the freedom of the open road and feel the wind rush through your hair, are you longing to get back on your bike? We have great news for you –...

Investing in a Luxury Vehicle

Stop and Think Before Investing in a Luxury Vehicle

If you’ve stumbled upon some funds or you’ve been saving up for a dream car, then you might be on the cusp of taking the next step: putting down a deposit and...

How to Get You and Your Car Prepared for a Track Day

Car Technology: What does the future hold? (Infographic)

Cars have been advancing ever since the first horseless carriages left the production line over a hundred years ago, but with car technology advancing at a supersonic...

Casting Aside Brand Loyalty

Casting Aside Brand Loyalty

It’s extremely common to find homes with more than one of the same type of car outside. A lot of families like to buy cars from the same company. And, this is usually...

Costs Of Car Maintenance

Cutting The Costs Of Car Maintenance

Owning a car comes second only to owning a house when it comes to expensive but essential investments. The cost of running a car can be huge. And, for some people; it...

Best Hybrid Crossover

Top 5 Best Hybrid Crossover for 2017

Best Hybrid Crossover I do not have a big list of hybrid crossovers, because there aren’t many currently available in the market. However, automakers around the globe...

Great Muscle Power

With Great Muscle Power Comes Great Responsibility

When it comes to cars, owners want power, speed, and aesthetics, and muscle cars have it all in abundance. There isn’t a vehicle more powerful or beautiful than a...

2007 Subaru Impreza

7 Best Used Cars to Buy In 2017

Best Used Cars to Buy Buying a used car makes a lot of sense for buyers around the world for various reasons. They are relatively cheaper than the new ones and do not...