DIY Motorcycle Maintenance: The Start of the Season

Can you already smell the freedom of the open road and feel the wind rush through your hair, are you longing to get back on your bike? We have great news for you – summer is here, and it’s no better season for it, so treat your bike with some love and care before the two of you hit the road together.

DIY Motorcycle Maintenance
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Motorcycle maintenance is pure art when you do it right. From fuel systems and batteries to the tires; you’ll need to bring it back to life after a long winter – but if you took proper care of it at the end of last season, you’ve already made the job a lot easier.

#1 Fuel Clogging

If your bike is new, it’s fair to assume that this simple maintenance has already been taken care of. After a few seasons, on the other hand, you’ll know what your bike needs after being inactive for so long. It needs to be cleaned and maintained just like your car, and checking the fuel system is something you’ll do automatically when you’re an experienced bike owner – and a responsible one too, hopefully.

Even better; do it at the end of the season; if you added fuel stabilizer back then, the gasoline wouldn’t be clogging up the system now. A lot of people neglect this and end up spending a lot of time on cleaning the system – store it properly next time, and you’re out on the road so much faster.

#2 Brakes

It’s one of the first things you should check at the start of the season. Give the front brake lever a bit of a squeeze to ensure firmness, as well as the rear brake pedal. The brake-fluid levels should be good and not be too dark – if it is dark or cloudy, it’s probably time to replace it.

Check your oil levels too, by the way, or just change it if you didn’t do it before storing it away. See how much time you could have saved by just giving it a bit of love last season? Make sure you do it when the summer is over, and you can look even more forward to spring next year.

#3 Tire Pressure

It’s been a long winter in the garage, and I’m sure your tires are a bit flat by now. Getting onto your bike with under-inflated tires will seriously affect the way you handle it when braking, but don’t over-inflate them either.

Check the pressure accurately with a pressure gauge before starting that journey – it’s one of those crucial things to check as soon as you’re thinking about the road, and you should also spend a bit of time on checking for rot in case the tires must be replaced. That bike trip you’re dreaming about will be just as ruined on an under-inflated bike as it will be on an over-inflated one, so you should get it right straight away.

Accidents happen and, as a motorcyclist, you should take every precaution to make sure you can handle your bike. Familiarize yourself with the most common causes of motorcycle accidents and read up on the relevant law so that you’re prepared in case of an accident. Alternatively, do some research to find a good accident attorney in case it wasn’t even your fault – David & Philpot, P.L is well-known or just check out this site for what to look for in an accident attorney.

Yes, it seems so obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people actually forget how important it is to not only make sure their bike is functioning but to also be prepared in case something happens on the road. Don’t be one of them; it’s such a simple thing to take care of.

#4 Air Filters

Another one that excited bikers who just want to get going often ignore. Filters gets dirty from dust, water, and particles that get into the combustion chamber and should be replaced once in awhile. It doesn’t cost a fortune, but you could always just clean it yourself – it’s for free, you know. Now that it’s clean, air can run smoothly through your motor and allow it a bit more power. It’s really worth it and such a quick fix.

Motorcycle Maintenance
Image Credit: Pexels

Get all of this done before you start your bike to make sure everything will run smoothly. A perfect trip can easily be ruined if this maintenance is overlooked or forgotten, and you also make sure it’s functioning for as long as possible. Spend the afternoon in the garage, put some music on and get yourself a beer – it’s simple, even enjoyable, and sometimes just common sense.

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