Car Technology: What does the future hold? (Infographic)

Cars have been advancing ever since the first horseless carriages left the production line over a hundred years ago, but with car technology advancing at a supersonic rate, what can we expect from cars of the future?

Autonomous driving technology, although still in its infancy is one of the biggest technologies to come out over the past decade and is something that could be only dreamt about in years gone by. With big technology companies such as Google and Uber working alongside car manufacturers such as Telsa and BMW, self-driving cars are quickly becoming a reality.

Even though autonomous technology is gradually advancing it may still be many years before the technology (and our roads) is ready for the mainstream, so what else can we expect to see on our vehicles in the near future? YourParkingSpace has studied this emerging technology and created an infographic some of this technology in more detail.

Safety is the most important thing in the minds of car manufacturers when designing and building a new car or updating an existing one. We already have seat belts, air bags and parking sensors, but the cars of the future will have even more safety sensors to protect the occupants, other road users and pedestrians from collisions.

Health monitoring has become an everyday necessity for many ever since the introduction of smartphones and wearables and we will see this technology integrated into car in the future too. This technology could provide drivers with up to date driving conditions and traffic patterns, weather and all their entertainment needs and even let the driver know if they are getting tired or stressed behind the wheel.

To find out more about the technology that could feature on cars of the future, check out the infographic below.

Car Technology


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