BMW Introduces The 216i Gran Tourer To Singapore

If you are planning to relocate to Singapore with your family and pets, then you will need a big car to accommodate everyone during the different family errands and tours. While a compact car looks neat even for work, most of them offer a five-seater space which is not convenient for a big family. The Visa Express experts now assure people planning to move to Singapore that they can get a BMW 216i Gran Tourer with seven seats which have just been launched into the country.

BMW 216i Gran Tourer

Good news to families

According to Performance motors and BMW Asia region, this model is the first in BMW brand to come with a seven-seater for the compact car option. Needless to say, BMW is known to offer premium and luxurious cars to all its users. The car targets young families who will benefit from the large capacity and the features of the car including the sporty design it has maintained.

The specifications

On the outside, the car has dimensions of 4556mm length, 1800mm width and 1612mm height which is very attractive to many users. The roof which comes with the roof rails is a plus for outdoor activities as it can carry some extra stuff once people add the cargo box.

One better thing about the BMW 2016i Gran Tourer is that it comes with a 1.5 liters engine with a turbo charge for efficiency and fuel efficiency at the same time. The 102 bhp enable the car to take only 13 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h which is very impressive. As we all know that Singapore is strict on CO2 emissions, this car incredibly emits only 136g/km

While still on the engine, the all-aluminum core has low friction and the rigid crank case adds to its firmness. The chassis is one rigid piece with smooth and low friction steering capability. The overall vehicle has a honed aerodynamics and light weight which aids in navigation and reduced noise level on the road.

When one of the senior BMW was asked about the reliability of the light body this piece boots, she responded by saying that it is all in the design of the ultra-high tensile multi chassis frames.

The interiors

Just like the way BMW 2016i Gran Tourer has not failed on the exteriors and the engine, the interiors also exhibit a fine work. The leather seats may look basic but the comfort is unmatched. The leg space is generous for all the three rows where all can be occupied without much pressure. However, seats can be adjusted for extra comfort and stretching.

The sale

Singapore has already shown a great interest both from the locals and expats. According to the sales department, the car holds a great potential in selling many units to the families looking for design and versatility.  The car will sell at around S$ 158,800; a price which includes the number plates, registration fee, in-vehicle unit, and tax. You can buy one through an authorized BMW agent across Singapore.

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