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Have Pride in Your Ride

Have Pride in Your Ride: 4 Simple Car Upgrades

We are certainly living in a golden age of the car as more and more upgrades are continually unveiled by the big manufacturers. Even if you don’t have the funds to buy...

Taking Your Family On a Road Trip This Fall

Taking Your Family On a Road Trip This Fall? These Safety Checks Could Save Your Lives

‘Tis the season of pumpkin spice lattes, drizzle soaked gray afternoons and watching the leaves fall from the trees to form a mushy brown pulp under your feet. It’s...

Car Essentials You Should Never Be Without

Pop The Trunk: Car Essentials You Should Never Be Without

It doesn’t matter whether you spend more of your life on the road than in an office, it doesn’t mean you’re prepared in the right way on the road. Some people...

The Classic Ferrari Enzo

Jay Leno and David Lee Ride The Classic Ferrari Enzo 2003 – Video

The Classic Ferrari Enzo Watch Jay Leno getting excited about Ferrari Enzo 2003 with David Lee that he brought in Jay’s garage. The Ferrari Enzo, introduced in 2002,...

Car Nightmares

Car Nightmares: The Cities Where No One Wants To Drive

Having a car gives you a certain amount of freedom, the ability to travel huge distances, and get from A to B in a much quicker time than walking. Well, that’s the...

Coolest Convertibles

The Coolest Convertibles in 2017

Coolest Convertibles If you love driving along the open road, nothing can beat the rush of the wind from a convertible. While sales are declining, most car makers still...

Cheaper Insurance

Adding Features For Cheaper Insurance

When buying a car, one of the major concerns people will have is the price of the insurance they will have to get with it. Particularly for new drivers or those having...

Road Accidents Are Increasing

Road Accidents Are Increasing, Here’s How You Can Reduce The Dangers

Depending on how you interpret the figures, it could be argued that driving is now safer than ever. After all, the number of crashes per million miles driven is lower...

The Best SUVs Of 2017

The Best SUVs Of 2017

SUVs didn’t make it big until just over ten years ago when Nissan launched their groundbreaking Nissan Qashqai. The vehicle was expected to flop, but due to its...