Jay Leno and David Lee Ride The Classic Ferrari Enzo 2003 – Video

The Classic Ferrari Enzo

Watch Jay Leno getting excited about Ferrari Enzo 2003 with David Lee that he brought in Jay’s garage. The Ferrari Enzo, introduced in 2002, was an unyielding modern supercar with impressive features like strengthened suspension, naturally aspirated V12, and automatic single clutch paddle-shift transmission. Following the spirit of Formula 1 cars, the Enzo could easily be ranked as number one in the list of supercars back in 2002.

The Classic Ferrari Enzo
Image Credit: Benjamin

Ferrari is considered by many as the zenith of automotive execution. Both Jay and David appreciate this masterpiece with no turbo-lag, carbon-fiber body, and wind up windows. The Ferrari Enzo 2003 now has a gold status as a collectible. There is enough room for two people to travel comfortably. Having impeccable characteristics of straight-line stability accompanied by direct speed sensitive, hydraulically assisted steering, the Ferrari Enzo was named after the legend Enzo himself.

2002 Ferrari Enzo
Image Credit: Jose Luis Cernadas Iglesias

The 6-speed semi-automatic Ferrari Enzo with 650 bhp was the first car ever built to cross 200 mph. This mid-engine monster could reach 60 mph in as little as 3.7 seconds. Only 400 of these were built and each one has a special place on the road. Back in 2002, racing enthusiasts commented on the Enzo as being ahead of its time with its revolutionary design. Butterfly style doors allow access inside the car where leather clad seats welcome you and the center stack is highlighted by a visible red “Start” button.

Equipped with high-end operating system and fancy voice detection modules, today’s super cars still fail to offer the classic driving experience rendered by the Ferrari Enzo. With all its backwardness and lack of tech, the Enzo still remains among Ferrari’s most desired and remembered modern supercars. Production of the Enzo lasted only a few years, but it succeeded in winning the status of a classic car. This success speaks volumes of the impact it had on the market.

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