Pop The Trunk: Car Essentials You Should Never Be Without

It doesn’t matter whether you spend more of your life on the road than in an office, it doesn’t mean you’re prepared in the right way on the road. Some people believe you just need a set of keys and a tank full of gas to drive wherever you need to go, but they would be incorrect. Accidents happen on long drives and emergencies happen in cars that require a little more attention but don’t quite get it. Preparation on the road is going to make a huge difference to your driving experience. Not only can you feel secure while you’re driving, knowing you are covered if you get into difficulties, but you can help someone else if they themselves get into trouble.

Being prepared means having a list of car accessories on hand at all times, making sure that you aren’t going to be caught alone and cold on the side of the road while waiting for assistance. This list below details for you all the things that you should keep in the trunk of your car, ready and waiting for you!

Car Essentials You Should Never Be Without
Image Credit: pixabay
  • Jumper Cables. Cars don’t just need gas to run, they require a fully functioning battery. Dead batteries are one of the most common issues that cars encounter and so having cables to jump start the car is an absolute must. Keeping these in the trunk of the car won’t just serve you well, but it will help those who also break down and you can reach out!
  • Spare Tire. You should be versed on how to change a tire yourself, and YouTube videos like this one can walk you through it if you’re a novice. Keeping a spare in the trunk of your car is just as important as the four tires you’ve already got attached to the car itself.
  • Scanners. Car technology has come a long way in recent years, and scanners that can tell you what is wrong with your car when it breaks down are developing well. You can find top rated OBD2 scanners compared here. These are fab, because the next time your warning light pops on you can find out what’s wrong before you take it to a garage!
  • Flashlight. Nearly all smartphones have a flashlight on them now, but if you’re stuck by yourself and your charger isn’t working so your battery dies, you need a spare. You should always keep a spare flashlight along with batteries in your trunk so that you can be seen when necessary. It’s also going to help you to see as you fix whatever is wrong with your vehicle.
  • First Aid. Having a fully functioning first aid kit with you at all times can make such a difference if you are waiting for emergency services to come out and see you. You never truly know when you’ll need one, so it’s always best to be ready!

Your car should be fully equipped and ready in case of a breakdown – make sure you’re not left in the cold!

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