2012 Volkswagen Beetle Review

Some times the invention surprises the inventor due to popularity and beauty and after structuring or made that thing he himself thinks about his production, the new Beetle 2012 by Volkswagen is also a beautiful small production which has a quality to make surprise the producers and people due to charming outlook, attractive egg type body structure, eye catching shine and romantic color which compels the viewers to say “Woo! What a beautiful fairy car on the road”. The 80,000 copies of Beetle have sold only in US markets and 75% to females, the only car in the world which about people gave their views that it is undoubtedly a superb car having the attraction to affect the mental nerves.


The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle has been redesigned and new body structure is dynamic, sportier with crisp, clean curved lines, completely modern and streamlined twist on the classic. It has Bi-Xenon headlights with Daytime Running Lights which are brighter than the previous models; the 19 inches alloy wheels are in classic style with beautiful curved discs which are iconic and the present wheels give it a charming outlook, they are also light, strong and wrapped in high performance rubber. The 2012 Beetle has feature to start without key with push button system that helps to start it if you forget keys in home.

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The 2012 Beetle is a beautiful car with the extraordinary interior features like exterior, we see the look and impress but to see the interior features we appreciate it unnaturally. It has two side doors and comfortable four seats which are same to first seats as sportier style. The multi-functional sport steering helps to drive it easy on the road without tiredness, the dashboard is color matched according to cars color red to red and white to white and the glove board is also color matched with the classic style and cleverly integrated. It is made with the customizable ambient lighting system with cars color; the New Beetle is available in three colors and this ambient light system is also according to its color.


If we check the performance of this innovative car and want a sporty power with fuel efficiency so new 2012 Beetle is most reliable car in this era with 2.5L in-line 5-cylinder turbocharged engine, 200hp and 207ft/lbs of torque is fast and efficient. The turbo model has an available track-tuned sports suspension that gives it more power to handle it easily and fast. The electromechanical power steering system is progressive, intelligent, and responsive and fuel efficient to the traditional models. It has the fastest shifting transmission which gives the power to acceleration and fuel economy.


The safety is a necessary feature in every good car and every Beetle has covered with four side air bags with integrated side curtain protection for the safety of users, it has Anti-Lock Braking System which controls at the time of quick brake with out any danger. The main safety feature of 2012 Beetle is electronic stability control system which handles every function with confidence and keeps the driver aware to the wheels, fuel and other parts of the car on the dashboard display; the crash optimized front end has the ability in its structure to save you in the case of collision. The Intelligent Crash Response System is fitted in Beetle to save you at the time of accident; it stops the car, unlocks the doors and closes the fuel drain system at the time of collision.


The Beetle is no doubt a romantic functional car having the Touch screen Premium VIII sound system, touch screen navigate system which through you can handle every thing with finger tips easily and with the help of MDI connection with iPod select your favorite music, it has Bluetooth device that helps to attend the calls, phone book access and streaming the music during the drive. The Fender Premium Audio System can full your cars cabin with the emotional sound that evokes the raw emotion of a live performance.


The completely redesigned 2010 Beetle with 5-cylinder and 200hp can buy in $19,795 and its all three models are available in different prices 2.5L in $19,795, Beetle 2.5L with Sunroof in $22,295 and Beetle 2.5L with Sunroof, sound and navigation in $24,095.

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