2013 Honda Civic Sedan in 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show

Honda presented its 2013 Civic model in 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show with new, Advance and Premium styling, this Civic Sedan has very Youthful Safety features and refined style with more comfort, chassis and interior enhancements. This model has presented with the changing as new open-mouth lower bumper with a horizontal chrome accent, sportier, black honeycomb mesh grille, anchored by new integrated fog lights on upper trims, Grille with new clear-lens corner lights, more deeply faceted hood and sharp new wheel designs.

The changing in the back side is also premium styling including new rear bumper design, new rear trunk lid, horizontal chrome trim piece, new design tail lights and finished upscale look with integrated reflector treatments. All these features give this new Civic Sedan an individual body structure and attractive look.

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