2013 Tesla Model S Car Review

Tesla presented an awesome model S which is made according to the thinking and desires of customers; this is a best model of 21st century with individuality of features. Its exterior, interior and body designing features are awesome and unique. Tesla introduced this model with high advancement having new standard for premium performance, it has rigid body structure, low centre of gravity, responsiveness and agility as the best sports car in the world which provides a sedan quality while driving.

Exterior Features

Tesla presented Model S as the best performance model in 21st century having the impressive exterior features, it has epitomizes efficiency, embodying the grace, constant state of speed and motion, all Glass Panoramic Roof, Sunroof lightweight safety glass, simple swipe of the Touchscreen, rapid charging as well as charging from 340 volt and 110 volt outlets and streamlining airflow. Its door handles are no exception and handles remain retract into the body when they are not in use.

Interior Features

The Model S has wide space for the passengers, the four doors very incredible car with five seats ability can give you a luxury atmosphere, and it has unique and quiet powertrain to obtain the sound dynamic of a recording studio. It has 17 inches touch screen, wife, mobile connectivity, digital instrument cluster and all the control system can handle with the touch screen. It has very fast and latest accessories which are installed in it so you can see your vehicle in one glance. Its dashboard has been made according to the desires of customers.


Tesla has advanced electric power train which delivers exhilarating performance, its combustion engine has only one moving piece the rotor, and due to it the acceleration of Model S is instantaneous. It can drive 60 miles per hour without a drop of gasoline. It has electric performance to the next level and Equipped with the 85 kilowatt-hour battery and high performance drive inverter. Its suspension system is also developed for the Model S and it provides precision handling and comfort. Its rear multi-link suspension is designed to seamlessly integrate with the power train. It has power steering which reacts for the comfort of driver, its Active Air Suspension combines automatically.


The Model S is made for electric range with three batteries options, all the batteries are contained the same enclosure and integrating, providing structure, aerodynamic and handling advantages. All these batteries use automotive –grade lithium-ion cells arranged for optimum energy density. You have only need to plug into the most common 240 volt outlet, standard 120 volt outlets and public stations, with the help of Tesla Supercharger you can charge fifty percent within thirty minutes.

Safety Features

The Tesla has rigid and high performance battery structure; it achieves higher torsional rigidity and a lower centre of gravity. Its battery is designed with safe technology include liquid-cooled, battery maintains consistent temperaturesto prevent cells from overheating. The battery structure protects cells from impact and automatically disconnects the power supply. Its body structure is a state of the art with aluminum intensive design, Extrusions, stampings and castings. It has all around safety airbags which can save you in case of any collision or crash.


Tesla Model S is available in two types Model S and Model S Performance, the Model S is divided into three categories according to its battery capacity. The Model S 40kwh from $ 49, 900, 60kwh from $ 59, 900, 85kwh from $ 69, 900 and the Model S Performance with 85kwh from $ 84, 900.

Jason Peffley has spent most of his life in, around and under cars, from a childhood.