2014 Land Rover Defenders Are About To Strike The Market With Two Awesome Color Packs

The highly appealing and gorgeous models of the Land Rover Defenders are about to be displayed in the 2014 International Geneva Motor Show. The model will be presented in the two color packs with highly dashing design and features. The model is loaded with contrasting premium seats with leather touch and ebony headlight. To sync its standard with upper profile, the model is designed with privacy glass which boosts up its awesomeness.

The first black color pack of the Land Rover presents the Santorini black finish, applied to the roof, grille and around, around the headlight, wheel base and other minute patterns make the design eye catching. The modern glass just adds the dramatic view of the showcase and gives a high profile look to the black Defender.

On the other hand, the silver pack introduces the Land Rover Defender in the Indus Silver finish which presents the contrasting roof of the model. The silver color is applied in the same manner as that it the case of the other color pack of Land Rover, in addition to the alloy wheels with dual finish. Plus, the model will be available with the leather seats with contrasting color options for sharpening the durability, with the choice of Ebony/ Pimento, Ebony/ Tan or Ebony/ Lunar option pack for the seats.

2014 Land Rover Defenders

On the technical front, the models are equipped with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Electronic Traction Control (ETC) along with ABS as the standard offering with the Land Rover Defenders. Side by side, the ABS features will also be available with the 130 wheelbase of the Land Rover Defender model which is a first time offering of its own kind. The company announced that its new color pack, Yulong White will be available with 2015 model range which will be released next year.

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