2022 all-new Toyota Land Cruiser Review

Since it was first introduced in 1951 the Toyota Land Cruiser has been chosen by customers for its safety and security as it symbolizes Toyota’s durability, quality, and reliability. Now, 70 years later, one of the most anticipated cars launches for this year, comes the all-new 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series.

Molded of the previous 200 series that has been in the market since 2007, the 2022 Land Cruiser 300 is redesigned from the ground up while sharing some of the old Land Cruiser 200 design such as; length, width, height, and wheelbase. Also, The ladder chassis is still placed underneath with similar suspension designs, this would be the first model of Toyota’s ‘GA-F’ body-on-frame architecture.

2022 toyota land cruiser

The newly redesigned platform teams up with lightweight material to cut off about 200kg from the curb weight of the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series but also increased its rigidity and comfort. In addition, the new powertrain is also lighter and mounted further back in the chassis, which would translate into an improved center of gravity.


Just like how the new Toyota Land Cruiser got all that upgrades from the outside, the interior is also redesigned from the ground up. Yet again, it shares a few similarities with the older 200 series model. From the inside, the space of the new Land Cruiser Is a bit similar, with plenty of room across the first and second row.

Getting inside the vehicle, you will get the feeling that you are in a Land Cruiser as Toyota has made sure to give a sense of the Land Cruiser classic spirit in it. The center console is positioned quite higher in the new Land Cruiser 300, and the dashboard stands out more as it is just a little outwards.

The new terrain select buttons have been made more approachable and easier to use for the driver for you on-road off-road driving.

Inner Storage is great, with a large two-level glovebox, also cupholders, and large door cards for bottles. Additional dashboard storage is offered when you chose the upper GX and GXL trim, with more space to get to have a CD player in those higher grades.

Like the previous Land Cruiser 200 Series, the space and comfort are very good in the 300 Series. The space in the second row offers plenty of headroom and legroom; even if you are a tall person you will fit comfortably. Upper trims will get a foldable armrest in the second row with additional cupholders, as well as a fair number of air-conditioning controls that also differ depending on the trim.

Load space is very impressive in the new Toyota 2022 Land Cruiser at 1131-Liter with the second-row folded. Folding only the third row will reduce the space to about 100 liters offering a load space of 1004-Liter, and if you want all seven passengers seated will leave only 175-Liter of loading space.

Entertainment and Technology

With an all-new design comes a whole new technology addition. Fortunately, the new Land Cruiser 300 Series is not similar here to the older 200 Series as it is equipped the state of the art new technologies and gadgets.

The new 300 Series have two different sizes of infotainment display –either 9.0 or 12.3 inches- depending on the trim level. Both screens offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto so you can connect your mobile phone and easily use it while you drive, and it also has digital radio. You would also notice that the hardware and software are similar to other Toyota models, with buttons and dials mounted on the sides of the display to make it easier to control.

However, the larger display hasn’t got room for upper buttons, so they made piano-style buttons below the air-conditioning controls. The bigger display will feature a bigger sound system -10 speakers for VX trim and 14 speakers for the Sahara trim- and a CD player as well.

Engine and Performance

If you are a fan of V8 engines then we have news here for you, Toyota has decided to ditch the old 5.7-Liter V8 engine and decided to go with a smaller 3.5-Liter V6 twin-turbocharged engine. Don’t be sad, the new smaller twin-turbocharged engine will give you 50 more horsepower and 120-Nm more torque than the previous 5.7-Liter V8, with a total of 409 horsepower and 650 Nm. This new engine is paired with Toyota’s most sophisticated 10-speed Automatic transmission, which is developed to give the vehicle more performance and fuel efficiency drive. This Engine ensures more weight reduction, as well as gives the new Land Cruiser a more dynamic and responsive drive.


In summary, Toyota had done a lot of work to give the new Land Cruiser a great modern new design, as well as it has done a tremendous job on the interior where the new Land Cruiser is equipped with all kinds of technology and gadgets, also its comfort, luxury and spacious for every car user.

The new surprise is replacing the old V8 engine with a twin-turbocharged V6 which you might think will through-off the diehard customers, but giving the new V6 more power than the old V8 will be more than enough to satisfy them.

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