7 Great Ways To Cut Fuel Costs

The cost of fuel is getting higher and higher and did you know that it has increased by over 2.5 times since the Gulf War in the early 1990s – far out of line with inflation.

This increase in price is down to a number of things – OPEC being one and tax being another. Taxes are being increasingly levied on fuel to counter environmental costs and this is increasing the cost of driving significantly. So, for private and corporate drivers this adds to daily and weekly costs significantly. So, let’s take a look at how to lower them with better driving.

Changing Car

Older cars with larger engines tend to use far more fuel than newer models. In addition, many of the recently manufactured eco models tend to provide far better mileage and far lower CO2 emissions than the equivalent sized engines only a few years ago. The recent VW Golf Bluemotion can manage 85mpg for instance, while previous models with similar power could do half that. This is surely food for thought if you have older cars.


Issues regarding maintenance are significant factors here and problems such as underinflated tyres, clogged filters and poorly serviced cars will really add to the cost of motoring, especially if you have a large fleet of cars.

Car Maintenance


A lot of people and businesses find that planning tips tends to cut costs significantly. Sat navigations with the most recent information can significantly help as they will ensure you don’t waste time idling in traffic or road works. Investing in them can save you overall in the short and certainly the long term.


Better and greener driving is very important here at multiquotetaxiinsurance.co.uk and every one from the individual driver to those en-mass via can benefit significantly and in doing so become a better and a greener driver. This can save hundreds if not thousands of pounds each year and save on green costs too.


Carrying more than you need to can also impact on the cost of fuel and driving and decrease efficiency. In addition, things such as roof racks or luggage boxes also decrease efficiency and add to the cost of driving.


Going for greener fuels can also help. Using greener fuels such as E10, which is partially ethanol can help cut down on CO2 emissions and works in most normal cars. Perhaps it is something you should consider. For fleets or companies that have a range of cars, it’s usually lower in price too and so a better option if they wish to save.

Shopping around

Not all petrol prices are the same and using a mobile phone app to shop around, or if you own a larger business, coming to a deal with the station can save. Often company cars can save en-mass if they promise to fill up at the one garage.

These are just some of the great ways to cut down on fuel and also become greener when driving and should certainly be considered.

Image Credit to Daremoshiranai

Stephen Ball is a financial and auto writer who has worked in a range of industries. He enjoys technology and seeing the world and is a complete gadget geek.