Top 9 Accessories for UTVs and Side by Sides that Will Make a Difference

There are many accessories on the market for ATVs and UTVs. These items will enhance your excitement and enjoyment of your ride on any terrain. Accessories for UTVs and side-by-sides can be bought online or in local stores.

Here are some of the best accessories for UTVs and side-by-sides when riding or racing on my UTV.

top accessories for utvs
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1. Skid Plate for UTV

It is an excellent accessory for the off-road world. They are available for the lower or upper part of the engine. It helps protect the UTV from rocks or sticks. By changing the mount holes, one can install the skid plate on a new UTV or a used UTV.

2. Winch for ATV

There are many winches on the market to fit ATVs, side-by-sides, and UTVs. Most of them are waterproof, which is a plus for most riders who like to ride during the rain and mud season. A winch will help pull you out of a ditch, mud, or sand pit.

3. Sand Bags

There are many waterproof sandbags on the market. One can use them for tie-down and off-road riding and racing. You can adjust the size of the sandbags to fit any size ATV and UTV. The best part about these bags is that they are made from solid plastic, making them durable and long-lasting. Sandbags have a significant advantage over other accessories because their material never wears out and is environmentally friendly. Sandbags are available in various sizes to fit your ATV or UTV.

4. Goggles and Helmet

This accessory is one of the most important. Ensure that your goggles or helmet match the riding style and terrain of your ATV or UTV. If you are racing, pick a goggle or a helmet that is tested and approved for this sport. A clear view of a helmet is also essential in keeping you safe. The helmet should also fit snugly on your head and not too tight to give you a headache and make it uncomfortable to wear for long hours.

5. E-Kooler

The E-Kooler is a good, excellent way to keep all the electronics in your UTV or side-by-side running cool. This little device takes the heat out of your electronics, keeping them from getting too hot and possibly melting your touchscreen, DVD player, or other electronic equipment. You can keep all your stuff at a safe temperature while riding in any season.

6. Rearview Mirrors

These mirrors allow you to watch your ATV or UTV as you drive. These are smaller mirrors that go in the rearview mirror location. They also have a small spotlight that lets you see better at night. It is a must-have for any ATV or UTV.

7. Snowplow

It is a very unique and unique accessory. It has been used in snow storms and other areas to get over a spot of ice on the road. It works well to clear off any ice that is in the street.

8. GPS

The GPS takes the place of a compass for your ATV or UTV. It will help you stay on track and return home to your family. It is also helpful if riding off-road or racing in any terrain besides pavement. However, this is not necessary as it is a perfect tool to have on hand when riding off-road.

9. AC Converter

It is one of the essential accessories for an ATV or UTV. You will need a converter that converts the 12v battery to 110v for vehicle use. You will also need a converter used in a 12v system when camping.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the accessories for UTVs and side-by-sides. They are available at many local and online stores. They can be purchased at not too high of a price, making this hobby more affordable for all types of people.

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