The Best Garage Storage System Ideas of 2022

If your garage space has turned from a functional space in your home to a host for all sorts of clutter, you’re not alone – 25% of people with two-car garages have so much stuff in there that they can’t park a gar.

It’s easy to turn garages into the part of your homes where we put everything we don’t use a lot or don’t want to see. But when it comes time to find those items or use that space, the amount of disorganization can be overwhelming for any homeowner.

What is the Best Garage Storage System?

Luckily, reclaiming your garage space is more than doable with the right garage storage system. Below we explain 7 great options for turning your garage space from a mess into a usable part of your home.

best garage storage system
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1. Overhead Garage Ceiling Storage

If someone asks you how many walls you have in your garage, your instinctive answer will likely be four. But you actually have an additional wall in your garage for storage — and that’s your ceiling.

It’s likely that you store quite a few items in your garage that you don’t need to access a lot. If this is the case for you, an overhead storage unit is a great way to get all of those items out of the way.

You have lots of options with overhead mounts. Many can handle anywhere up to 500 pounds and can be eight or even 10 feet long. You’ll be able to find overhead racks that can hang up to 40 inches from the ceiling, so you can load tall boxes or multiple items stacked on top of each other.

2. Heavy Duty Garage Storage Racks

While cabinets are a great storage unit for your garage, open shelves are also another helpful way to organize your belongings so you can see them.

When it comes to shelving, it’s best to go with durable metal shelving. It will be able to hold heavy objects and be cleaned easily. A good idea is to look for a metal shelving unit with wheels so you can move it around your garage with ease.

Another great option for many shelving units is the ability to adjust shelves. Many shelving units give you the choice to make each shelf as high as you want, so you can create the perfect amount of space depending on the items that you’re storing.

3. Floating Garage Storage Shelves

Similar to the concept of overhead shelving, floating wall shelving will get your items off of the floor and into an organized space. Floating shelves are great for keeping your items in reach without using the valuable floor space in your garage for cars or other storage.

Shelves range in capacity, but some can hold up to 400 pounds. But unlike overhead racks, floating shelves will only extend from the wall by a couple of feet. Keep this in mind for the items you’re storing.

4. Garage Ceiling Bike Mounter

Your bike is probably one of the largest items that you’re storing in your garage and the most difficult to store efficiently. How can you make it easy to access without it taking up too much space?

Enter a ceiling bike hoist. This is different from traditional bike hooks, which require you to lift your bike above your head and hang it on a hook. This is difficult as bikes are heavy, and may still leave your bike jutting out of the wall.

A bike hoist system lets you connect its hooks to your bike’s seat and handlebars. Then you’ll pull the string and it will be hoisted to the ceiling. Your bike will be out of the way and you can easily access it.

5. New Age Garage Cabinet Systems

If you want to level up your garage system the professional way, you should look for new age storage options. NewAge Products offers storage cabinets that are both functional and sleek.

They come in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit any garage. They’re a sleek charcoal color with like grey metal finishings. Even better, the units come on wheels for easy movement.

Professional cabinet systems like these are the best way to transform your garage because they will give you all of the storage you need while making your garage look elegant. Every item will be hidden behind the cabinet’s doors so you won’t have to see any of the mess.

6. Large Pegboard for Garage Wall

Some garage systems are large and may be difficult to install, while others are small and more convenient. One popular garage storage option is the pegboard.

It’s easy to install and gives lots of great options for storing smaller items. Pegboards for garages should be made from galvanized steel so that they can hold more items and be able to bear more weight.

Pegboards often come with more than just spots to hook items. Many also have shelves and extra organizers that make them the perfect addition to your garage workspace or in the back wall of your garage.

7. Clear Bins

We’ve touched on various storage options for all of your boxes, bins, and heavy items, from cabinets to shelves. But we haven’t talked about the kinds of bins or boxes you’ll use to store smaller items or more fragile possessions.

We recommend using clear plastic bins for all of your items. They’re a great choice for several reasons. First, plastic bins are durable, waterproof, and bug proof. Second, they have plastic lids that snap on which make them easy to close and move without items falling out.
And the most helpful, clear bins let you see what items are inside. Instead of spending ample time looking for things, you’ll be able to see right away what the contents are. Considering the average American spends almost 3 days a year looking for lost items, clear bins will be a serious time-saver.

Finding the Best Garage Storage System

While everyone’s storage needs are different, we’re all the same in one way – we all would benefit from more organization. Finding the best garage storage system will help reclaim one of the largest and most useful spaces in your home.

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