Best Motocross Boots That You Must Not Ignore Buying

Imagine riding your bike through those rough terrains, and suddenly you crash with your feet first. Then you realise your boots are worn out, and you should have invested in the new ones.

Unfortunately, it’s too late.

Hurts to imagine, no? Well, yes.

Don’t let things come to that point. As much as a helmet is important in off-road riding, motocross boots are equally important. Motocross boots can make all the difference between life and death.

Best Motocross Boots for the Money

best motocross boots
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We have shared the four best motocross boot brands you can consider buying.

Have a look!

Maverik MX

The Maverik MX by Fly Racing offers function and feature at an affordable price. Constructed of genuine heat shield leather, a shin plate that is resistant to high impacts, a top gator that repels dirt, the original Fly Racing design with easy action and secure buckle system makes this a great boot.

For comfort, the Maverik offers a pre-shaped high-quality shin guard with a comfortable plastic mould that offers added impact protection. Also, the elastic gaiter makes for added protection around the calf that also seals out debris. The buckles are adjustable to help you wear your boots quickly and without any hassle. They also secure a solid and snug feel and offer a robust shape that helps keep dirt from obstructing the function.

Crossfire SRS

The Sidi Crossfire features the SRS or sole replacement system, the only fully replaceable sole that can be replaced with a standard screwdriver. The patented system offers the additional technical ability to distribute loads better from the footpeg across the entire sole.

The SR also has a stiffer heel than the Sidi TA sole and has the extra benefit of making a smaller footprint for a smaller “target” amidst track encounters or hidden stumps.

The Dual Flex System also makes for ease of movement both forward and backwards and offers the best ankle protection and durable comfort. The dual position, the hinged, stitch-free upper, is made of injection-moulded plastic and four independent, floating straps to provide every rider with a unique and personal fit with or without the use of knee braces.


The SG-10 is a premium boot worn by real racers. Featuring dual composite soles made of rubber and constructed of a lightweight alloy, these boots are high quality.

The replaceable buckle system ensures that the SG-10 will last a long time. The Grip Guard assists the rider when keeping position on the bike, and the rubber shield displaces pipe heat.

The floating Razorback Pivot includes a built-in system for ankle alignment, and the heel bumper offers added protection. Memory cell PU foam lines the inner, offering complete construction and a perfect fit.

The SG-10 leads the way in motocross boot technology and has also been praised for its fit and comfort, as well as its long-lasting qualities. The features have been refined, and the colours updated. There is a difference in the SG-10 from other best motocross boots in the same class. It is available in Black and White colours.


Made of top-grade leather, the Fly Racing Viper is protected with multi-texture injected plastic. A strap and buckle system with injected strap holders keeps the Viper fitting snug and comfortably. The buckle system is also replaceable for a long-lasting boot. The racing soul is lightweight, and this boot offers good flexibility and alignment thanks to the pivoting strap holders with great ankle support.

The traditional MX sole and the All-Terrain ATV sole are available in Black/Silver. This is a very affordable boot if you are buying on a budget.

Final Word

The last thing you want while riding is your foot to be busted open from the impact of landing after a high jump. When you are riding, your feet go through a lot and having boots that protect your foot will help ensure that you can continue riding for years.

Browse through this list and consider selecting the best motocross boots for your next trail.

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