Boost Your Auto Brand With These Four Promotional Products!

Custom-branded products have been used to market brands for centuries now. Promotional products help spread your brand name and give people a positive impression of your brand. For car dealerships, custom-branded products are a must-have! Brand recognition is essential in every industry, but in the auto industry, it’s paramount. Everyone will need a car at one point or another; when you have high brand recognition, you’ll be the first dealership people visit. Many options exist for automotive promotional products; let’s review four of the best!

boost your auto brand

1. Promotional license plate frames

Promotional license plate frames are a no-brainer for promoting automotive brands. With custom-branded license plate frames, you get effective and affordable advertising all around town! Many people keep their license plate frames the same after buying a car. If every car you sell is outfitted with your custom license plate frames, these cars will be advertising your brand for years! The best way to raise brand recognition in your area than by putting advertisements on the roads– this is why companies buy billboards. You can spend a fraction of that money with custom license plate frames and still get effective advertising!

2. Custom-branded car chargers

Another excellent choice for car dealership promotions is custom-branded car chargers! Car chargers are one of those items everybody needs but is always missing. When you print your logo on custom car chargers, you create a promotional product that’s likely to be used for years. Gifting items like car chargers to purchasing customers will create a positive impression for your brand, which makes repeat business more likely! You can also include them in your swag bags at industry events or conferences.

3. Promotional phone mounts for cars

Branded phone stands are a newer promotional product that has exploded in popularity. Phone stands attach to your car’s dashboard, windshield, or vents to hold your phone in a convenient and accessible position. Phone stands are ideal products for auto dealerships! As many jurisdictions pass hands-free cell phone laws, having a way to keep your phone in view as your car moves is essential. People will think positively of your dealership every time they use your custom phone stands. They’ll also be spreading your logo to anyone who enters their car! Quality phone stands are likely to be used for years, even throughout multiple cars, further multiplying their impact.

4. Emergency car tool kits

Finally, one of the very best promotional products for auto dealerships is an emergency car tool kit. The roads can be dangerous; it’s important to let customers know you care about their safety. A spectacular way to do this is with emergency car tool kits! These kits contain the essentials for road safety, like tire pressure gauges, jumper cables, flashlights, and more. Logotech has tons of options for emergency car kits, from our Deluxe Highway Kit to our exclusive 8-in-1 Handy Kit. Including an emergency car kit with a car, purchases will do wonders for your brand! Customers will know that out of all their local dealerships, yours is the one that genuinely cares about them.

We have a massive selection of event promotional items, all of which are fully customizable. We can print your logo directly on products using various methods, like laser engraving, pad printing, or UV printing. Create an account, and one of our account managers will reach out to you today!

Jasper has been an enthusiast of the automotive and IT industries since the age of 16. He independently writes on the auto industry's recent happenings.