Four Tips for Buying a Sprinter Van

Buying that much-coveted Sprinter van for sale in Salt Lake City means that the family’s van life is finally happening. For most buyers, finally getting the van for the family takes a lot of patience and careful inspection. There are hundreds of vans that you can look at—both used and new—and finding the right one is never easy.

Tips for Buying a Sprinter Van

buying a sprinter van
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Here are some pointers to help new buyers when searching for the perfect Sprinter van.

Know the Year It Was Made

Not all vehicles are created equal. Car buyers should be familiar with the year model of the vehicle that they intend to buy. Sprinters have been manufactured since 1995, and the original models are reputed to be fast and hardworking vans when properly looked after.

The curved front models of Sprinters, which are an updated version of the original, were built starting in 2006. These have better electronics, but are known to rust and have underpowered engines. The latest Sprinter models were developed starting 2014 with various upgrades such as the DPF, hill start and crosswind assists, as well as better resistance to corrosion and rusting.

Check for Evidence of Rust

Sprinter vans have a notorious reputation for rusting, and this issue mostly stems from improper treatment. If you are buying a used van, take note that Sprinters are preferred by delivery companies and couriers, so most of them are scratched, exposed to elements and are hardly ever repaired.

Check under the vehicle for possible holes drilled through for lining and lifting equipment. Then check the suspension and the driveshaft until the exhaust and engine are checked as well. Buyers need to learn to gauge the difference between surface rusting and core rusting. If ever there is rusting that looks untreated, then it should not be considered.

Run Engine Diagnostics

Engine diagnostics can be accomplished using a simple and affordable diagnostics tool. You can order this tool online that will work on diesel engines manufactured from 1996 to the present. After running a driving test, plug the tool and run a diagnostic. Ideally, there should be no codes popping up on the small screen because it means that there are no engine issues and everything in the engine is working fine.

Check Service History

Another important tip for a new buyer is to check the service history of the vehicle you intend to buy. Sprinters used by couriers and placed on contract service agreements may not have proper maintenance checks. Check all the work that has been done on the van, especially on major services in the 30,000 and 50,000-mile mark. The latest Mercedes Sprinters have service intervals based on its usage.

Check the records for change oil service and make sure that new filters are added along with the service. Some companies skimp on filters, causing damage to the van’s DPF, which is more costly than a regular oil filter. If the van has no service history, proceed with caution as this might lower the value of the van when owners intend to re-sell it.

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