All You Need To Know About Buying LDV T60 For Sale

You’re on the hunt for the best trucks in town and this vehicle is a road monster that can traverse long distances, varied terrain, and is able to carry heavy loads. These characteristics are most likely your considerations in choosing pickup trucks. What if we tell you can get much more than that with the LDV T60 for sale Brisbane currently offers?

Here’s all you need to know why LDV trucks for sale have become largely popular in Australia, and why we know you’ll love it, too.

best trucks in town
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LDV T60 Features: Why We Love It

  • All-Terrain

Here’s a 4-wheeler that can take on the vast outdoors of Oz, whether on or off-road. With high and low ranges in this 4-wheel drive shift, it can handle the toughest and the roughest pathways you’ll set this vehicle on. Its wheels are the most reliant of their kind. The LDV T60 for sale Brisbane dealers have now is meant for rough conditions and hard yakka.

Alternately, it drives evenly and smoothly on long stretches of paved highways for that easy-cruising feel. These terrain-versatile LDV trucks for sale are the best match for any road type you drive on. And in the weather, too! Not even heavy snowfall will stop these wheels from turning.

  • Engine Power

These trucks are equipped with 2.8-liter turbo diesel engines. When you rev up this baby, you’ll already know for sure that it has the grit to pull through regardless of the amount of workload on its back. We’re talking about Torque of 360Nm at 1600 – 2800rpm, and a full-on power of 110kW at 3400rpm.

Aside from that, they have a 3-tonne towing capacity that’s unmatched compared to other vehicles of a similar make. If you’ve got a business workload to haul over the weekdays or like lugging around heavy-weight camping and sports items during family trips, this car will be all you’ll need.

  • Safety To The Maximum

This is a feature that drivers and car owners key into. These LDV trucks for sale have Hill Descent Control which offers seamless maneuverability over steep inclines, whether short or long-range.

They have Cruise Control Systems with Advanced Traction Technology, Electronic Stability Control, blind-spot monitors (among others), all of them combined have allowed this truck to earn 5 stars under ANCAP’s safety ratings. No sudden brakes, accidental accelerations, and slips over slopes and descents.

More Jaw-Dropping Features

  • A Gorgeous Exterior

There’s no moving past the exterior of this beauty. LDV T60s are an eye-catcher indeed, with muscular wheel arches, headlights that are angled for better light-streaming, and alloy wheels that don’t only look the part but help with quicker stopping motion and/ or acceleration.

Plus, with 17-inches in radius, they outperform regular wheels in lightweight-ness and of course, a dashing brilliance that makes these vehicles stand out even more.

  • Dual Cab Enhancement

Furthermore, the LDV T60 for sale Brisbane market offers dual cabs with rugged roof rails which contribute to high water rating. Perfect for the rainy season. Add to that the sturdy side steps built in the dual-cabs themselves. Something not many pickup trucks can boast of. They allow climbing ease and safeguarding, without getting in the way.

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