Cadillac ATS presented Advancement for Driver Visibility

Cadillac ATS compete the new technology in the field of auto manufacturing and now its engineers are trying to promote and maximize ATS’s driving visibilities, the new visibilities are consider exterior mirror, A-pillar area size, seat height, forward vision distance and side vision distance. It has other changes also including rear headrests, rear view mirror and design with aerodynamics, styling, structural stiffness, safety and vehicle packaging. Its fuel economy provide the best efficiency, the higher hoods also help to provide pedestrian protection.


The thicker roof pillars, all around air bags, lower roof heights and frontal area gave it the more aerodynamic position, its deck lids give the more cargo facility to customers. Its interior changes can see in computer screens, three-dimensional aspect of A-pillar sightlines and driver can see the target line very easily.

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