Can You Still Drive For Uber After An Accident?

Anyone injured in an Uber crash should speak with an El Paso attorney as soon as possible about their rights. However, you also may want to know if Uber drivers may still drive for Uber after a motor vehicle accident. A motor vehicle record does not always affect whether or not Uber will employ a driver, as Uber judges accidents on a case-by-case basis. Some Uber drivers are involved in minor motor vehicle accidents and are not fired from the company. Other drivers were also involved in minor accidents and were fired.

Uber drivers
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Uber deactivates drivers according to their criteria following a motor vehicle accident. If a driver is involved in a severe motor vehicle collision that results in serious bodily injury or death to another passenger, then Uber will probably deactivate the driver.

It can be difficult for some drivers to know if they will be fired or not. Sometimes a contact at Uber will inform a driver that he or she will not be deactivated after a motor vehicle accident. Suddenly, the driver finds himself or herself deactivated from the rideshare application and unable to work for Uber any longer.

Drivers should be prepared to find other sources of income after an accident. Uber drivers may lose their jobs even when they are not at fault. Uber may perform another background check later on after an accident, and then the driver will lose his or her position. If you are working as a truck driver or Uber driver and you cause a motor vehicle accident, then you might need to begin searching for another employer.

Primary Factors Contributing To Uber Accidents

If you are an Uber driver, then you should be aware of the following factors that cause Uber accidents.

  1. Dangerous weather conditions
  2. Speeding through red lights
  3. Fatigued driving
  4. Vehicle defects
  5. Road and pavement defects
  6. Driving while intoxicated
  7. Texting while driving
  8. Tailgating other automobiles
  9. Failing to merge in a safe manner
  10. Failure to yield
  11. Speeding through stop signs

Uber Drivers And Account Deactivations

Uber drivers who are in three accidents during a three-year period of time will have their Uber accounts deactivated by the rideshare company. Uber does not want to be at fault for accidents, and drivers who cause multiple accidents put Uber at risk. The following are some other reasons Uber will deactivate a driver’s account:

  1. Failing to report an automobile accident to Uber
  2. Poor reviews and inadequate driver rating
  3. An Uber driver’s license, insurance, or registration expire
  4. Assaulting passengers
  5. Illegal activity
  6. Fraudulent activity
  7. Breaching Uber’s terms of service
  8. Violating Uber’s code of conduct
  9. Taking advantage of the cancellation system

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If you suffered an injury at your job with Uber due to an accident and you believe you deserve compensation, contact an attorney for a free consultation. An attorney can review the facts of your case and advise you on the best course of action to take to protect your legal rights.

Retaining an attorney can help you understand the laws that may apply to your particular situation. You may have lost your privilege to work for Uber due to a mistake or a software malfunction.

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