Common Reasons For Car Accidents On Vacations And How To Prevent Them

One of the most awaited events of the year is getting ready for vacations, choosing the perfect destination, and planning endless activities. However, we often forget the most crucial thing, road safety. Road accidents can ruin your vacations and cause severe injuries and even death. In case you get into one, you’ll need a car accident lawyer Tampa and the services of the law offices of Kinney, Fernandez, & Boire P.A.

On the other hand, with all the excitement and activities happening during vacations, please remember these common reasons for car accidents and how to prevent them.

car accidents on vacations
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1. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is the primary cause of car accidents. Using mobile phones, eating food, and adjusting the GPS are typical distractions that lead to accidents. While on vacation, we use our phones to take pictures, update our social media accounts, and contact family members. Though these activities may seem harmless, they can distract the driver and cause an accident. To avoid such incidents, keep the phone away while driving, assign the co-passenger to navigate, and park the vehicle if the need arises to take a call or send a text message.

2. Fatigue

Vacations can be tiring, and you might feel exhausted if you have long-distance travel included. Driving while tired and sleepy is extremely dangerous as it slows down the driver’s reaction time and can possibly cause accidents. Before embarking on a long journey, take enough rest, take breaks every two hours, share the driving duties, and avoid driving at night.

3. Speeding

While on vacation, we want to maximize our time and indulge in as many activities as possible. This leads to rushing from one destination to the other. A car accident lawyer Tampa can tell you how speeding is one of the main reasons why car accidents happen. The faster you drive, the less time you are left to react to an obstacle or hazards on the road. Follow the speed limits, always anticipate the traffic pattern, and drive at a safe distance from other vehicles.

4. Driving Under The Influence

Alcohol and drugs significantly impair the skills and judgment of the driver. Driving while under the influence is illegal because it increases the risk of road accidents. If you drink during your vacation, have a sober designated driver or arrange for alternative transportation like cab services.

5. Poor Maintenance

Before beginning your road trip, ensure your vehicle is in good condition. Poor maintenance and lack of servicing can cause sudden breakdowns and accidents. Be on the lookout for things like faulty brakes. Scheduling regular maintenance checkups will ensure that your car is in top condition. Furthermore, do not ignore the warning signs displayed on the dashboard.

6. Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can drastically affect how you drive. Rain and snow can cause slippery roads. Fog restricts visibility. Strong winds on the other hand can push your vehicle off. Before beginning the journey, check the weather report and adjust accordingly. Avoid taking risks when driving in bad weather, use a light touch on the brake pedal, increase the distance between you and other vehicles, and never over speed.

7. Unfamiliar Roads

If you are driving to a new place, chances are you don’t know the roads and routes. This increases your chance of getting lost and gives rise to driver anxiety which can lead to accidents. To avoid this, plan, carry a map or GPS device, follow directions carefully, and always be aware of your surroundings.

8. Ignoring Road Signs

Ignoring road signs is a leading cause of accidents and can lead to a consultation with a car accident lawyer Tampa. Pay attention to the speed limits, lane designations, and other traffic regulations posted on the roads. Respect and obey them; not doing so can lead to severe consequences.


Road safety is an essential aspect to keep in mind while on vacation. By following basic road rules, avoiding distractions, getting enough rest, and keeping the vehicle in good condition, we can prevent accidents and enjoy our vacations without any worries. Remember, a safe journey is a happy journey!

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