Car Cleaning Hacks: Top 9 Tips That Make Cleaning Your Vehicle A Breeze

Whether you purchase a new or an old car, it costs you a pretty penny. So, you definitely like it to retain its value. And if you want it to look new all the time, you must never let its condition go downhill. An effective way to accomplish this is by cleaning your car occasionally. Cleaning your vehicle brings many benefits; it makes it smell good and leaves a great impression on others. Moreover, you won’t feel embarrassed the next time someone enters your vehicle for a ride. But is car cleaning as easy as it sounds? Today, we bring to you the top nine car cleaning hacks to help ease the process and get the most out of it.

car cleaning hacks
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A crucial aspect of car cleaning is to work smart. The car cleaning tricks will show ways that are quite clear, but we are sure you didn’t think of them before.

Car Cleaning Hacks You Will Love

Moreover, they enable you to reach spots and nooks previously untouched. By covering more spots, you can give your vehicle a brand-new look. Without further ado, let’s discuss how to clean your car.

1. Makeup Brushes

Consider beginning the cleaning from the inside and making use of the car detailing hacks. Start from the dashboard and run a cloth over it to get rid of the dust.

Once the visible dust from the dashboard’s surface is gone, grab a pair of spare makeup brushes. They are a great tool to reach spots you couldn’t otherwise with your hand. These include air vents and spaces between the buttons. Furthermore, they are super soft and won’t mar the surface by leaving scratches behind.

Have two brushes – a dry one for brushing and a wet one for collecting the grime and dirt. However, if you are using makeup brushes, always check to see if they carry any makeup material. Get rid of the material before using the brush for any car cleaning hacks.

2. Cleaning Slime

Although it may sound nasty at first, there’s a thing called cleaning slime, which is one of the greatest car cleaning hacks. The idea is to use the slime to reach little holes and crevices that you cannot with your hands.

Like brushes, cleaning slime best works for the dashboard and its buttons and vents. Once you place the slime over the area that needs dusting, give it a little push to ensure it squeezes into the tiny spaces. Then, pull it back out, and you’ll see the dirt and grime it has brought back. The steering wheel is the most touched part of the car and cleaning it is also necessary. You can check out how to clean leather steering wheel.

3. Dryer Sheets

Another tip in our car cleaning hacks guide is to have dryer sheets in your vehicle. To start with, you can pull a couple of them out when you feel the interior has become too messy and smelly. Rubbing the sheets across the interior surfaces can restore a pleasant feel.

Moreover, you can use the dryer sheets as an air freshener. Just stick them into your air vent and experience the fragrance spread to every corner. Dryer sheets can also act as an exterior cleaner; soak them in the water and run them across the bodywork to clean any spots.

4. Cleaning Floor Mats

Next up our car cleaning hacks are taking care of your mats. Firstly, you should grab the mats and slap them together to shrug off the dirt and loose rocks.

Afterward, take them inside your house and place them in the dishwasher. Although it sounds absurd at first, the dishwasher can clean your mats completely and with little effort. Once you’ve placed them in the dishwasher with a cleaning pod, run the shortest cycle. By the time you finish cleaning your vehicle, the mats would look as good as new!

5. Removing Pet Hair

We all know how fun it is to take your pet for a ride. But for a car cleaner, dealing with all the pet hair sticking to upholstery is equally troublesome. Don’t worry; here is our next car cleaning hack to get rid of pet hair.

Grab a spray gun full of plain water and lightly spray it over the pet hair. Remember not to overspray; you don’t want to soak the upholstery. Once slightly wet, run a squeegee over the area, and it will collect all the hair.

6. Cleaning Upholstery

Speaking of upholstery, it can get dirty due to many other reasons. This cleaning tip is all about DIY car hacks to scrub the upholstery new.

Begin by making a paste of baking soda and vinegar, and run it over the upholstery. Once you’ve rinsed out the homemade car interior cleaner, it will look as good as new.

7. Cleaning the Lights

Just like the interior, your vehicle’s exterior also requires attention. This tip focuses on cleaning your headlight, fog lights, number plate, and indicators to restore their glowing look.

Grab a toothpaste and toothbrush and scrub the paste over the light covers. Use the brush to reach nooks around the corner before washing the covers. They will glow as if they’re new!

8. Tackling Smudging Wipers

If your windshield wipers leave smudges every time you wash them, this is one of the best car cleaning hacks for you. To avoid smudging, scrub the wipers with rubbing alcohol after washing them.

9. DIY Air Freshener

The last one in our car cleaning hacks will bring fragrance to your vehicle and add a prolonged feeling of cleanliness.

You will need laundry scent balls that you use for the clothes to smell good after washing them. Next, grab a mason jar and transfer 1/4 cup of scent balls into it. For a lid, use something with holes in it, or get crafty and make one out of cardboard. The main objective of this DIY car interior tip is to hold the scent balls within the jar and place them somewhere secure to act as a freshener.

Final Words

Just like any other property, vehicles also require frequent maintenance. To uphold the value of your car and get a good amount when selling it, you need to follow a thorough car cleaning process. While it can be a long and rigorous procedure, some car cleaning hacks can help quicken it and deliver better results. From using makeup brushes for reaching tiny holes and crevices, and cleaning upholstery with a DIY solution to using a squeegee for collecting pet hair, we have car cleaning hacks for everything. Follow our car cleaning tips to make your vehicle appear as good as new!

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