Basic Car Maintenance Hacks Every Car Owner Should Know

Buying a car is always a costly affair, but its maintenance is not easy too. People spend plenty of money on maintaining their cars. They pay enormous charges for their car maintenance hacks, which is not a teacup for many people. You can’t compromise with the cost of any spare parts that are essential for your car. But, the labor charges are also relatively high that you can control.

car maintenance hacks
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When you know some essential car maintenance hacks, you can save a good amount of money and fix up the car problems yourself within a short period of time. Car repair manuals can be very helpful in this. At OnlyPDFManuals you can find auto repair manuals of your car model easily. These DIY hacks can boost your morale, and you can implement essential car maintenance hacks at the time of any emergency. Let’s understand in detail.

Essential Car Maintenance Hacks For You

Following are the Essential Car Maintenance hacks to maintain your car when you need to:

1. Removal of Windows Fogs by Shaving Cream

The cold weather comes with lots of challenges. You may find it challenging to remove fog from your car windows. It usually causes zero visibility and becomes almost impossible to drive a car. There are brilliant car maintenance hacks for you. You can use your shaving cream on all the car’s foggy windows and clean them with a dry piece of cloth. Within a few seconds, the fog will disappear from your cars’ windows.


2. Use of Coffee Beans for Bad Odours

People spend most of their time traveling by their cars. Because of eating some foods in the car, it is common to experience some foul odors, which sometimes take a long time to disappear. The foul smell in the car leaves a wrong impression in your friend’s and relatives’ minds that you don’t like hygiene.

Coffee Beans
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Coffee beans are a good solution for removing foul odors. Just keep some coffee beans in the car and expose them to the air so that the lousy odor smell can go away.


3. Repair a Taillight with a Food Storage Container

The taillight of a car should always work well when driving a car. In case the taillight is broken, you can fix it yourself by cutting a hole at the bottom of the food storage container as per actual requirement. You can use transparent tape for fixing up the broken taillight. It will assist you in protecting your broken taillight from getting further damaged.


4. Remove Bumper Stickers with Vinegar

The stickers on the car bumper look awkward over some time. It is better to remove them on time. Though removing stickers is sometimes a daunting task. The overall look of the car diminishes, and that doesn’t suit your personality. You can sprinkle white vinegar on the bumper stickers and can remove them gently.


5. Use Nail Polish to Repair Scratches

Scratches on the car can come when you drive your car. Sometimes, the roads are broken, and the small pieces of stones hit the windshield that causes some scratches or cracks. A small scratch can further collapse the entire windshield. However, you can fix this problem by using nail polish on the scratches and cracks. If they are tiny, they will disappear quickly over some time. In the case of significant scratches or cracks, nail polish can stop them from further increasing.


6. Use Stockings on Broken Wiper Blades

When you travel by your car, it is the most common problem that the wiper blades stop working correctly. Therefore, the sharp edges of the wiper blades leave scratches on the windshield. You can avoid such a situation by merely using your stockings. It becomes challenging to use wipers at the time of torrential rain. The faulty wiper blades should be repaired quickly. So, during adverse situations, you can use your stockings on the damaged edges. It will not cause any damage to your windshield.


7. First Aid Box

first aid box
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Life is full of challenges. During traveling by car, the passengers can meet with accidents or sudden health-related issues. To avoid any unforeseen situation, you should keep the first aid box in the car that must have all the necessary medicines for preventing any sudden arising health hazards. The first aid box can be beneficial for safeguarding even the life of a person. Never ignore it.


8. Keep Your Side Mirrors in the Right Manner

The car’s side mirrors always play a vital role in driving it safely. There is often heavy traffic on the roads. Most of the people are in a hurry, and they drive their cars rashly. So, you can drive your car comfortably and safely by keeping your side mirrors in an accurate position where you can analyze easily if any car is coming near to your vehicle. So, adjust your car’s side mirrors properly for avoiding any hassle.


9. Use of Car Heater for warming up Food

Only a few people use this method for making their food hot by using a car heater. The weather conditions are unpredictable, and the food you carry to your office or anywhere becomes cold within a few minutes. When you have to choose but to have food in the car, you can use your car heater to warm up the food. Within a few minutes, your food becomes hot, and you can eat it comfortably.


10. Keep Your Windows down during Feeling dizziness

Several people feel dizziness and suffocation when traveling by car. It is always better for them to have fresh air for their excellent health. So, you can keep your car’s windows down at the time of feeling down. The fresh airflow brings positive energy to the body and helps keep you healthy.



Driving a car is a passion for several people. If you follow the above-mentioned essential car maintenance hacks, your journey becomes easy and pleasurable. You can individually handle various sudden arising car maintenance challenges. It will reduce your dependency on car mechanics and help you save a good amount of money that would have been spent on paying car maintenance charges.

Suppose there causes a severe problem in your car and that is beyond your control. In that case, it is always better to approach the car mechanics for fixing up the primary issue as car maintenance is concerned.

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