CarGuard Administration Customer-Friendly Protection Plans

CarGuard Administration, the industry’s leading vehicle service contracts provider, was founded in 2015. Trevor Smith, the CEO, and founder of CarGuard felt he needed to start an independent administrator due to the overall apathetic approach the vehicle service contracts industry showed to its customers.

There was little effort in innovation; the client service was extremely poor, the claims were often handled in an unprofessional manner, and pretty much nobody cared to come up with innovative solutions to benefit the customers and address recurring issues in the industry.

This is why, from the very start, CarGuard Administration made it a point to take a customer- and client-centric approach. As Trevor Smith puts it, maintaining a healthy relationship with its customers is imperative to success for any business, and a vehicle protection plan administrator was no exception.

This is why the company pays a premium on providing excellent customer service and support to its customers and partners. The company has proven its genuine care for its customers. In 2021 CarGuard introduced a unique payment protection plan in addition to its standard range of plans–at a time when the country was still reeling under the adverse effects of the pandemic.

The plan was devised for people who lost their jobs due to the effects of the pandemic and offered the facility of delayed payments (up to a certain amount) without any added interest.

carguard administration plans

Why Consumers Should Opt for CarGuard Administration Plans

There are several reasons a vehicle owner would like to go for one of CarGuard’s plans. To begin with, the company prides itself in offering the best liability limits in the U.S. vehicle protection plan industry.

All CarGuard plans will cover repair costs up to the current market value of the vehicle or $12,500, whichever is greater. So, if your vehicle is worth $40,000 when making a claim, CarGuard Administration will perform up to $40,000 of covered repairs.

On the other hand, if your car is only worth $7,000, the company will cover up to $12,500 of covered repairs—thus actually paying more than your car’s actual market value.

Auto-Extendable Plans

Almost all vehicle service contract administrators offer platinum plans (commonly the highest tier of coverage) that cover up to 100k miles for vehicles. After that, if you still plan to keep the car, you’ll need to take out a new policy.

However, both Platinum and Gold Plans from CarGuard add 100k miles and five years. This means that once your car reaches the 100k miles limit (125k miles in case of Platinum Deluxe or Gold Deluxe), your plan will automatically become a Powertrain plan—i.e., as long as the policy is not already older than five years.

All vehicle owners who plan to keep their vehicles for extended periods will appreciate this great feature. You continue enjoying the coverage without paying for a new plan. This also makes perfect sense since the basic powertrain coverage is ideal for older cars, and one rarely needs Platinum or Gold coverage for them.

CarGuard Plans

carguard plans

CarGuard Administration offers three simple, no-frills plans for all vehicles. These are Platinum coverage, Gold coverage, and Powertrain coverage. This is an exception since many competitors offer their customers different plans with confusing sub-tiers.

CarGuard, on the other hand, keeps it simple. You can either opt for standard Platinum coverage or if you want to go for something extra, you may choose Platinum Deluxe.

Both plans offer the same degree of coverage (in terms of auto parts covered), the only difference being that with the Deluxe plan, you receive a cover up to 125k miles in place of the 100k miles of the standard Platinum policy. The same goes for standard Gold and Gold Deluxe plans.

Moreover, all CarGuard Administration plans are crafted in simple language that any layman can understand. There is no legal jargon and no restrictive conditions given in fine prints. This again reflects CarGuard’s customer-centric and transparent approach.

Fast and Fair Claims Adjudication

Most policyholders find their relationship with their vehicle service contract provider turning sour regarding the pivotal issue of claims adjustment. There are unnecessary delays, prolonged inspections, and flat denials.

CarGuard, on the other hand, stands out from its competitors for its fast, smooth, and hassle-free claims handling. The company enjoys high ratings on consumer review platforms (more on that soon), and many satisfied customers mention that they love CarGuard for the competent manner in which it settles claims.

CarGuard Administration Reviews

CarGuard’s popularity among its customers can be easily gauged by its high ratings on major consumer review websites like BBB, Trustpilot, and Google My Business.

On Trustpilot, the company enjoys a rating of 4.1/5 based on 101 reviews, with as many as 77 of these reviewers providing 5-star ratings to the company.

On BBB, the company enjoys an even higher rating of 4.23/5 (based on 257 reviews). As mentioned, most happy customers talk about how they love the fast claims-processing of the company and the fact that they can talk directly to CarGuard Administration’s customer service representatives without waiting for responses from other partners, vendors, etc.

Many also comment on how they love the company for its added benefits (roadside assistance, trip interruption, car rentals, etc.) as part of all its plans.

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