How to Choose Full Size SUV

When you need to choose a new car, you always have a lot of dilemmas. For example, will you choose a sports car or a family car? Is it for your important fuel consumption? Does for you matters engine power and the maximum speed? Or is it more than anything noticeable performance of boost achieved by the new model? All of these are very simple, but yet important questions. However, the question above all questions is how much money you want to spend. Today, there are many loans for the purchase of cute SUVs for females, so you do not need to have the money right now.

When choosing a new vehicle, many now opt for an SUV. The reasons are many, but the offer is huge. On the market, there are tens and hundreds of different models of SUVs. We would say that the greatest demand is especially for the largest models: full-size SUVs. Competition is fierce, but the job market is constantly growing.

In China, annual sales increase at the rate of 15% per annum. If we take into account the increasing number of people in the most populous country in the world that can afford an SUV, there is still much room for growth.


For this reason, I will present two full-size SUVs. The first of these is the new Audi Q9 which has yet to appear. Another is Hyundai Santa Fe which is on the market for a long time but always receives redesigned models.

First of all, a few words about Q9. It is the largest of all Audi models with the tag Q. It should be adorned with elegant, beautiful lines and power. As announced, this model will be equipped with more engine models. Power will be between 300 and 500 hp. Audi has announced a diesel engine too.

However, it is not clear whether this model will have a diesel engine. After the scandal with the falsified results of the exhaust gas is still not clear whether VW, which owns the brand, continue to develop the diesel engine. This SUV will be equipped with excellent safety equipment, which is the pinnacle of today’s techniques.

The interior will be designed very nicely with comfortable seats. The price of this model will be below $ 140,000. Many will perhaps give up because of high prices, but on the market is another interesting solution.


It is a large SUV Hyundai Santa Fe 2017. This SUV now expects its third generation. It is a very popular model, which is an excellent compromise between high quality and price. The above-mentioned model will be even 6 times cheaper than the mentioned Q9. Of course, many will say that this is not the same class, but the fact is that the Hyundai Santa Fe is a great SUV.

The new generation of this vehicle will get a completely redesigned front grill, the lights will be made with LED technology. The construction of the vehicle will be reinforced with special alloys and a display of 7 inches will have a new infotainment system. Therefore, it is an excellent vehicle for everyday tasks.

Which vehicle you will choose is only your choice. If you care about prestige, you will probably select the Audi Q9. However, if you want a practical SUV that will give you a lot of pleasure for little money, you will select Hyundai Santa Fe. For me there is a dilemma: I would always choose Santa Fe.

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