5 Reasons to Consider Consulting Car Accident Advocates as an Injured Victim

Brooklyn is beautiful, but its streets aren’t always the safest. This is especially true given the road conditions in New York and the city’s ever-growing population. According to data from the Brooklyn Police Department, there were over 5,000 car accidents in Brooklyn in 2021. Of these, 781 resulted in fatalities, and 3,728 resulted in injury.

Additionally, approximately 27% of collisions occurred at intersections, and 19% occurred on highways. Drivers aged 21-30 accounted for 25% of total car crash fatalities during this period.

But why should you consult an attorney? After all, self-representation is legal, and having a bit of legal background, you have a rough idea of what steps to take. Below are five reasons to consult a competent team like that of car accident injury advocates at JMLawyer.com.

They can run you through the process because there is a lot to unpack. The following section explains why you shouldn’t tackle this issue without legal assistance.

consulting car accident advocates
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1. You Have No Legal Background or Experience

New York personal injury laws allow claimants to represent themselves legally during negotiations and lawsuit proceedings. To the uninitiated, negotiating a claim with insurance companies is arduous. Even if you have some basic legal knowledge, gathering evidence and filing a claim is not something people do daily.

Consulting a personal injury advocate enables you to see through the eyes of law experts. You will learn important steps and winning strategies to implement when pursuing damage compensation. You also get guidance on filing a claim or a lawsuit, facilitating decision-making.

2. You Don’t Know the Value of Your Damages

Tallying the total value of your claim without engaging an advocate is strenuous and risky. Not knowing the amount you seek can compromise your chances of winning a claim. Lawyers have frequently assessed damages caused by accidents. So they can give you a range of options, off-hand and rigorously calculated.

Non-economic damages are difficult to estimate because they are not quantifiable and lack a specific monetary value. For example, what is the market value of pain, suffering, or emotional anguish? Only a seasoned auto accident advocate can estimate the value based on the available information.

Further, legal representation determines the number of dollars you pocket after settlement. New York doesn’t have an upper limit for non-economic damages meaning whatever you get depends on the effectiveness of the case presentation. Those with lawyers often walk away with fatter bank accounts than their self-represented counterparts.

3. The Fault Is Not Clear

Personal injury claim awards are based on fault. The at-fault party will pay the damages through their comprehensive insurance coverage or assets. Even for no-fault states like New York, where the plaintiff and the defendant are reimbursed by their respective insurers, the insurers still need to establish your percentage of fault to know how much to pay.

You may consult a car accident attorney to know who was at fault. Confusion is widespread in multiple car accidents. Your lawyer will review the provided evidence, including police records and accident reconstruction, to establish liability.

4. You Need Legal Representation

Plaintiffs represented by advocates tend to have more positive outcomes than those who prefer self-representation. While these studies are inconclusive, you stand no chance against hardened insurance adjusters and their legal counsel. It is only fair to bring along an equally experienced attorney to level the playfield if not to have the edge over the defense counsel.

Settlement negotiations require expansive knowledge of personal injury laws, which most plaintiffs need to gain. Advocates are familiar with local laws and statutes, including the existing loopholes, and can utilize them to their advantage.

Medical insurers may employ debt collectors to compel you to pay when medical bills rack up, and you cannot afford to pay. Debt collectors can be relentless, with some employing unethical means like frequent phone calls and verbal threats. Consult a personal injury lawyer to learn how to keep insurance and debt collectors at bay.

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