Does Scotland Have The Best Driving Roads In The UK?

Scotland and the UK are full of beautiful scenery and interesting places to visit from old castles to wildlife parks. Exploring Scotland and other places in the UK by car is a popular way for tourists from the homeland and abroad to experience the countryside. With Scotland having so many great driving routes this also means there is an abundance of used cars in Scotland available at Macklin Motors. This therefore makes it the perfect place to go buy a used sports car and have the driving trip of a lifetime.

A road trip in a car gives you more flexibility over what you do on your holiday. You can stop when and where you want on a road trip. Country roads in Scotland are quiet and not congested. Seeing the scenery of the beautiful countryside will emblazon memories of your trip much more than traveling by plane or even train.

If you are considering a trip to Scotland from abroad, you can find a car hire easily in Scotland and the UK. There are some things you will want to keep in mind if you are traveling from other parts of Europe or abroad. Visitors from European Union (EU) countries with a valid driver’s license can always drive in Scotland. Visitors from other nations can drive in Scotland and the UK for as long as one year provided they have a valid license from their homeland. Instead of hiring you could also look into buying a good quality used car, with many cars for sale in Glasgow available at Macklin Motors and also the other big cities in Scotland.

Those tourists bringing their own vehicles into the country must have registration or ownership documents and proof of third-party insurance. Keep in mind that driving in Scotland and the UK is done on the left-hand side of the road. The use of roundabouts is common in Scotland and the UK. Yield to all vehicles coming from your right and keep your wits about you at all times.

The Best Driving Roads In The UK

The only place where traffic is severely congested in Scotland is on the major Motorways between larger cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh during morning and evening rush hours. There are many peaceful country roads that wind through the countryside. The National Tourists Routes are the best way for tourists to travel and see Scotland’s quaint towns and natural beauty. They are a good alternative to the motorways and main trunk roads. Each of these routes provides unique and diverse travel experiences. See everything from the coast of Stone-haven to the foot of Ben Nevis while traveling on Scotland’s National Tourist Routes.

Don’t leave this part of Europe without considering other UK road trips. The route from London to Brighton is an especially peaceful road trip. The A23 begins near Waterloo station at Westminster Bridge Road. Here the journey turns southward where you can detect the route’s Roman origins before ending at the delightful vacation spot of Brighton Beach.

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