Plan to Drive a Car in the UK Make Sure You Are Correctly Insured

Whether you have just passed your drivers exam in the UK or have passed your driver’s test in a different country, if you plan to drive on any of the UK’s roads, then you must be insured for at least a third party. Ensure that you are fully safe whilst travelling on the road by making sure that you have the correct insurance for your car and daily commute.

Necessary Insurance
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Necessary Insurance

When you are driving on a UK road for the first time, you may notice that there are some subtle changes that make it different to driving down a highway in Europe or America. To go out on any of the UK’s roads, you need to ensure that your vehicle has motor insurance. If you are in an accident, then it is essential that you have Third Party Insurance to at least cover you if you cause damage or cause an injury to a different person, vehicle, animal or property that was involved in the crash. However, Third Party Insurance does not cover you or your vehicle. If you want to protect yourself then you will need to invest in some additional cover.

plan to drive a car in the UK make sure you are correctly insured
Image by pexels

Additional Car Insurance Types

Although you are not forced to buy a more expensive form of car insurance, please keep in mind the length of your commute and what hazards may be facing you on your daily journey. If you think that you would benefit from an insurance with more features to it, you may be interested in one of these forms of Car Insurance:

  • Third Party Fire and Theft
  • Fully comprehensive
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Courtesy Car Cover

Keeping your Insurance Costs Low

If you have selected your insurance and are looking for the best deal, then the first thing you need to do when looking for Car Insurance Quotes is to go online to find a suitable comparison website. These comparison websites will allow you to select the type of insurance you are looking for and discard any extensions you may not be interested in.

To keep your costs low, then you will need to make sure that you can prove that you have a clean driving record, with no accidents or incidents on the road that were your fault, and that your car has been installed with the best security equipment, for instance a tracker, and is being kept in a garage or somewhere secure. Adhering to these requirements will reassure your insurer and may allow them to offer you a discount.

Unfortunately, you may struggle to find a cheap insurer if you are a driver between the ages of 17-25, as it has been estimated that around 2/3 accidents on the road are because of inexperienced drivers within this age category. This may mean that your insurer is less likely to sell you a cheaper premium. However, should you take the Pass Plus Scheme with the UK government, a scheme that allows you more experience on the road with a driving instructor, then your insurer may be more willing to lower your insurance cost.

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