Dry Van Freight Optimization: Efficiency Strategies

Cargo transportation in vans is one of the most popular and widespread ways of cargo delivery. And this is entirely understandable because vans have many advantages: they are accessible, have a large capacity, and have a closed trailer, which ensures the safety of the cargo. In this article, we will tell you about all the nuances and features of dry van load.

dry van freight
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Dry van load: meaning

Dry vans are special trucks that are attached to semi-trailers for the transportation of bulky goods. They are the most popular and common type of truck you often see on the roads. And why are they called “dry”? The thing is that dry vans ensure the safety of cargo, protecting it from adverse weather conditions, road debris, and possible emergencies. Sometimes a dry van blanket load is used for cargo transportation.

Dry vans are a universal means for transporting various types of cargo. They are widely used for short and local transportation, as well as for long off-road trips. Here are some examples of cargo that can be transported using dry cargo trailers:

  1. Food and beverages, textiles and clothing, electronics, plastics, and building materials.
  2. Passenger cars, motorcycles, minibusses, and components for larger vehicles such as airplanes and ships.
  3. Furniture, electronics, and other household items.
  4. Small machines and construction equipment are used in the construction industry.
  5. Equipment for agricultural work.

Dry vans have sufficient load capacity and protect the cargo from external influences, ensuring reliability and safety during the transportation of various types of cargo. But you should remember that the dry van load must be restrained.

What are the average dry van load rates?

The cost of transporting goods in dry vans is usually determined on the basis of tariffs per mile. At the moment, as of July 2023, the average fare in vans across the country is about $ 4 per mile.

However, it is essential to note that specific tariffs may vary depending on various factors. Some of these factors include transportation distance, cargo type, seasonality of demand for transportation services, current market competition, and even fuel costs.

Therefore, when planning cargo transportation in a load board dry van, it is recommended to contact logistics companies or conduct your own market research to get more accurate information about current tariffs and choose the most favorable offer.

Remember that the cost of transportation is an essential aspect of your business, and choosing a reliable and cost-effective transport company with reasonable tariffs can play an essential role in ensuring the successful and profitable logistics of your business.

Advantages of using a dry van freight services full load

This type of truck is the most popular, and there are several good reasons behind it that attract customers and owners of transport companies.

Cost savings: When choosing a dry van for cargo transportation, you can save significant money compared to other transportation methods. You will not need additional functions or services, which makes this type of truck more affordable from an economic point of view.

Versatility: A dry van is suitable for transporting most types of cargo, even for those that do not require a specific temperature regime. Thanks to this, you can use it for a wide range of products and meet the needs of various customers.

Safety: Dry vans provide a high level of transportation safety. They protect the cargo from adverse weather conditions, prevent theft, and have convenient unloading and loading functions, which reduce processing time and prevent loss of time at both the initial and final point of delivery.

Flexibility and accessibility: Dry vans are widely available on the market and have flexible use possibilities. You can easily rent or purchase such a truck according to your needs and adapt it to your transportation tasks.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable and convenient solution for cargo transportation, a dry van is an excellent option that will provide you with advantages in economic, operational, and safety terms.

Disadvantages of cargo transportation using dry vans

However, it is worth noting that when choosing this type of truck vans, some problems may arise that may affect you, your business, and your customers. We believe that knowing about these shortcomings in advance will help you minimize risks and take appropriate measures.

  • In dry vans, there is no possibility of temperature control, and there is no insulation or other climatic adjustments. This means that the transported cargo, which requires storage in refrigerated conditions, cannot be transported using this type of truck.
  • Wooden floors in dry cargo trailers are exposed to moisture and condensation. This may lead to a more frequent need for repair and replacement of flooring than in the case of other types of trailers.
  • Despite these disadvantages, it is essential to take into account the requirements and characteristics of your cargo when choosing a method of transportation to ensure its safety and security during transportation.

Maximizing the efficiency of transportation using dry vans through the dispatching service

To achieve this goal, you can ask for help from experienced dispatchers. They specialize in the organization of cargo transportation for transport companies, allowing you to deliver goods on time and save money. Dispatchers use their knowledge of road conditions, traffic jams, and special programs to optimize transportation.

How does it work? They enter data on the location of trucks, destinations, and route features into special programs that generate optimal routes. These routes help to reduce fuel costs and travel time. Dispatchers carefully check the generated routes, taking into account also the weather conditions, in order to create an ideal and efficient delivery route.

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