A Complete Guide To Emergency Lights For Trucks

Authorities introduced emergency lights in the 1930s to distinguish emergency vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars from other vehicles on the road. The main purpose of vehicle emergency lights was to alert other drivers and pedestrians about emergency vehicles’ presence. Today, emergency lights for trucks, ambulances, and police cars differ according to the municipality, agency, and state.

Emergency Lights For Trucks

emergency lights for trucks
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Before we discuss the different types of emergency lights for trucks, we would like to throw more light on their importance.

Why Are Emergency Lights Important?

Vehicle emergency lights serve different purposes, so it is essential to know what they mean. Flashing emergency lights alert other drivers about the vehicle’s presence, especially when visibility is not good. Emergency vehicles on duty, like ambulances and fire trucks, use these lights to convey a message of urgency to other drivers. For instance, Police cars flash emergency lights to pull over drivers that break the law.

On the other hand, passenger cars flashing emergency lights signify a breakdown or any other hazard on the road.

Different Types of Emergency Lights

The market is full of emergency lights for trucks, and the best one depends on your needs. Different kinds of lenses and reflectors in emergency lights provide different beam patterns. Here are three main beam patterns for emergency lights:

1. Spot Beam

Spot Beam provides emergency lights with the longest length, though the light spread is narrow, between 10-30 degrees. It is the best pick in many cases, with a more concentrated beam and improved nighttime driving visibility.

2. Flood Beam

A flood beam provides a shorter beam length, but the light can spread to a wider area, up to 90 degrees. It’s the best option to mark construction on a road and safely avoid it.

3. Combination Beam

If you want a combination of both previous types, we recommend the Combination beam. It combines the concentration of the spot beam for the center lights and the spread of the flood beam for the outer lights to provide you with the perfect beam pattern.

Color Options For Emergency Lights

Another vital aspect is choosing the right color for your emergency lights. The color can affect the visibility of lights in extreme weather and determine how other drivers perceive these lights. Here are a few colors that you can pick for emergency lights for trucks:

1. White

White is the best pick for emergency lights, especially in areas with normal weather conditions. It provides better brightness than other colors and is suitable for illuminating any hazards on the road.

2. Red

Red is the most common pick among emergency response vehicles, used by ambulances and police cars. It is an ideal choice to grab the attention of drivers in a hazardous scenario.

3. Blue/Green

Blue and green are good options for emergency response vehicles. First responders and volunteer firefighters use these lights, and we often associate them with emergencies.

4. Amber

Amber is most suitable to use in extreme weather conditions like fog or storms, and drivers can spot it easily despite poor visibility. This light color is perfect for cautioning drivers to drive slowly.

Emergency Lights Styles

Emergency lights for trucks are available in different styles, and depending on the size of your truck, you can choose a design you like. However, before picking a design, it’s crucial to understand that the local laws might prevent you from using some of them. Read your state laws and make sure the lights you select are usable before making a purchase.

1. Beacon Lights

These lights use magnets instead of being bolted and permanently attached, allowing you to take them off whenever you want. It would be ideal if the vehicle also serves purposes other than its typical duty.

2. Visor Lights

These lights are attached to your vehicle out of sights, such as on your windshield or dashboard. They are a good option to avoid distractions while driving.

3. Light Bars

Mounted on the roof of the truck, these lights are a great pick to provide better visibility while driving. They are available in different lengths, ranging from 4-60 inches to better suit the the truck size. Furthermore, they are accessible in mini or full size as well as for interior and exterior. The customization options (you can mount them on the front or the rear) make them a common pick among truck drivers.

4. Grill Lights

Grill lights are an excellent selection for trucks that don’t have space for light bars on the roof. These LED lights are stylish in design and slim enough to be mounted on the grill.

Final Words

Emergency lights for trucks provide better visibility on the road and help alert other drivers of your presence. The beam pattern for emergency lights determines how the lights illuminate the road with different beam lengths and light spread. Choosing the right light color is also significant as shades serve varied purposes and convey a particular message to other drivers. Emergency lights are available in a wide variety of styles and every light fulfills a different purpose.

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