Explore The Land of Tolls- Florida

If you’re considering a visit to Florida this winter, be ready to put up additional vacation dollars for tolls since Florida has more than 700 miles of toll highways than any other state in the US. It also has an increasing amount of cashless tolling gantries, and here you require buying a transponder to drive on certain toll roads or be willing to spend the utility charges to meet the expenses of mail billing.

explore the land of tolls florida
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We created this Florida Tolls Survival Guide to assist you in planning your tour to South Florida Toll Roads near Miami and navigating the tolls once you arrive. It will help you be more informed during your Florida holiday.

Florida Toll Roads

Following is a collection of some of the essential toll roads and bridges in Florida.

  • The Florida Turnpike: Mainline is a significant toll road that runs throughout the core of Florida, from northwest of Orlando to below Miami.
  • Seminole Expressway: This toll road goes north and south in the Orlando area, from the Seminole County line to Interstate 4 near Sandford, FL.
  • Veterans Expressway and Suncoast Parkway: These toll roads in the Tampa region link downtown Tampa to US 98 in Hernando County.
  • Polk Parkway: This highway connects key Polk County communities as well as Interstate 4 east of Tampa.
  • Sunshine Skyway Bridge: Connects St. Petersburg, FL to Terra Ceia, FL over Tampa Bay.
  • Garcon Point Bridge: The East Bay is crossed by the Garcon Point Bridge, located near Pensacola on Florida’s panhandle.
  • The Homestead Extension of the Florida Turnpike (HEFT) is a toll road that runs around Miami, linking Interstate 95 in the north to Homestead in the south.
  • Alligator Alley: This toll road connects the east and west coasts of the province, with Naples on the west and Ft. Lauderdale on the east.

Toll Booths Without Cash

Florida was among the first states to implement cashless tolling. As even more of the state’s toll roads adopt this quicker and different effective technique of tolling, you’ll wish to be conscious of when you’ll be encountering these toll roads, so you’re not amazed when you return to the house to discover an invoice from the Florida Turnpike Authority waiting for you.

The following is a listing of Florida’s current cashless toll structures.

  • Griffin Road Plaza is a shopping center located on Griffin Road in (Exit 53)                     
  • Hollywood Pines
  • The Sawgrass Expressway, situated west of Ft. Lauderdale, features two cashless gantries on either side.
  • Miramar Plaza (Exit 49)
  • Deerfield Plaza is a shopping center in Deerfield, Illinois (Exit 20)
  • Sunrise Plaza is located in the heart of the city (Exit 1B)
  • Veterans Expressway: There are two cashless gantries located here.
  • Boulevard Plaza (Exit 47)
  • Anderson Plaza is a public square in Anderson, South (Exit 6)
  • Sugarwood Plaza is a shopping center located in Sugarwood (Exit 11)
  • The I-4 Connector reaches out to Interstate 4 and the Selmon Expressway west of Tampa, FL. It is an all-electronic toll road.

Different cashless booths would be installed throughout Florida, so check the Florida Turnpike Enterprise website for the most up-to-date data.

Do I Need a Sunpass?

You must contemplate obtaining a SunPass transponder to comfort safety and conserve cash while traveling in Florida. The Florida Department of Transportation’s SunPass webpage offers it simple to receive one by mail. For only $4.99, you’ll more than create up for the cost with the reductions you’ll get.

Do I Need To Get this?

Why not let Uproad manage all of these data for you instead of trying to maintain track of it all? this would immediately improve your knowledge of Florida tolls by offering the following:

Costs of Tolls:

This is similar to Google Maps, but for tolls. Insert your beginning and finishing points, and upload would then determine the total of tolls and tell you how much you’ll optimize if you use a transponder like Florida’s SunPass.

Reliable toll Information:

This additionally gives you detailed data on every tolling facility you’ll pass through on your journey, such as the payment methods allowed and when you’ll come across all-electronic (cashless) toll plazas. It also tells you where your transponder is accepted (or isn’t).

Cheaper Routes:

This application would notify you whenever it discovers more affordable paths that could save you cost and indicate the extra driving time and distance, so you could have an intelligent choice about which way to choose.

Toll Tracking:

Would you like to maintain the rental vehicle business honesty while renting a car? this offers a toll tracking service that keeps track of all the tolls you pass through so you can compare them to the cost of your rental car.

Tolls and rental cars in Florida

If you’re arriving in Florida for your holiday and hiring a car from a company that offers a SunPass transponder, you might think you’re protected for tolls, but there are a few items to keep in mind.

Service Charges for Rental Cars

Numerous Florida tourists have come back believing they’ve paid for all of their holiday bills, only to be disappointed when their credit card is charged for maintenance fees tied to tolls. Some rental car companies have made a poor reputation for themselves by setting what people consider exorbitant charges for transponder usage or skipped tolls and then hiding the cost of these fees in the fine print of the contract. It’s grown so terrible that several class-action lawsuits have been launched, and the New York City Controller just produced a study on the subject, urging politicians to ban the practice.


According to official data, Florida has the most toll roads in the country, with 719 miles. Between I-4 and State Road 429, the new Wekiva Parkway will add additional 10 miles of toll roads in Orange County, as well as at least two new toll plazas. Get your car on the road and make most of the beautiful tolls.

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