Ford Fusion Dashboard Symbols – A Complete Guide

Ford Fusion dashboard symbols notify you mainly of a problem in any of the car’s systems. If you ever encounter a light flashing on your Ford Fusion’s dashboard, do not panic. Not all warning lights indicate a huge issue that needs quick resolution. So, it pays to learn what different symbols mean.

Today, we will discuss different Ford Fusion dashboard symbols, their meaning, and the best ways to respond to them.

Ford Fusion Dashboard Symbols & Warning Lights

ford fusion dashboard symbols

When you see Ford Fusion dashboard symbols illuminating for the first time, you should find out whether it alerts you about an emergency needing quick attention or it is a simple warning about an arising problem. Besides, some lights just suggest that functions are working properly. Before discussing common Ford Fusion dashboard symbols, we should first know about different light colors and their meanings.

What Do Dashboard Light Colors Denote?

Every dashboard symbol in a car relates to a system(s), and manufacturers color code it according to urgency. Ford Fusion dashboard symbols are no different.

You will find them sporting three different colors in the Fusion, i.e., Yellow, Red, and Orange (and, sometimes, blue or green). Red and orange represent the most alarming issues, so when they appear, it is wise to quickly pull over and check your vehicle or call roadside assistance. Mostly when you see the red light flashing, it is dangerous to drive further.

While yellow symbols aren’t as frightening as red and orange, they alert to a significant issue. Please do not put it for another day; instead, visit your dealership or mechanic for inspection and possible solutions.

Lastly, symbols of green or blue (sometimes even white) indicate a specific feature or system such as cruise control, stability control, direction indicator, etc., are active and operating correctly.

Understanding different dashboard lights is an excellent starting point for identifying various systems in your Ford Fusion. However, just knowing the color codes will not solve the issue. It will only inform you of the severity of the problem. To uncover the problem genuinely, you should also understand the Ford Fusion dashboard symbols.

Ford Fusion Stop-Start System Warning Light

ford fusion stop-start system warning lightThe new Fusion triggers this light when your vehicle is stationary, stopping the engine briefly to save fuel. However, if it stays on while driving, it could be due to various reasons. While it may not harm to continue driving, you should hit your service center at your earliest for inspection and possible solutions.

Ford Fusion Tire Pressure Monitoring System Warning Light

ford fusion tire pressure monitoring system warning light The Fusion comes equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system, and this light triggers when the pressure falls below the recommended level or due to a puncture. A lower tire pressure requires you to reduce speed and evade abrupt braking and quick steering maneuvers.

Hit a gasoline station or a garage for a tire pressure check and fill up the air as per Ford’s recommended level.

Ford Fusion Engine Air Filter Warning Light

ford fusion engine air filter warning lightYour Fusion’s air filter prevents the dust and debris from entering the powerplant. When this dashboard symbol appears, you should know the debris has choked the filter and restricted the airflow into the mill.

While driving with this symbol, staying on the cluster is harmless; the diminished airflow will definitely hit the car’s fuel efficiency and performance.

You can avoid the issue quickly by replacing the clogged filter with the new one. For this purpose, you can visit a mechanic or do it yourself at home. Just see your Fusion’s owner manual to determine if you have to reset the system after filter installation to clear the symbol.

Ford Fusion Power Steering Warning Light

ford fusion power steering warning lightShowing in red, it means the power steering met with an issue. In case the power steering system fails completely, it will be difficult for you to maneuver the vehicle, and you will need extra vigilance, especially during highway journeys.

If your vehicle uses a hydraulic power steering system, a failure typically occurs due to a low steering fluid level. It is wise to visit a garage and ask them to fill the power steering fluid (check the owner manual for the type required). It will not be difficult to top up if you already have it. However, you should know it is a short-term solution if there is a leakage. So, an expert examination should be your priority.

If your Fusion employs an electric-powered system, the fix will simply require you to reboot the computer. Pullover the vehicle to a safe location and turn the ignition off & back on again after half a minute. If this symbol is still there, better visit Ford’s service center or your local garage.

Ford Fusion Turn Signal Indicator Light

ford fusion turn signal indicator light

Perhaps, the most frequently seen in any vehicle, this light turns on when you move your Fusion’s power steering in the left or right direction.

Ford Fusion Blind Spot Indicator Light

ford fusion blind spot indicator light

The Blind Spot symbol illuminates to alert you about a mechanical failure in the BSW sensors. It requires you to examine the Fusion at the Ford service center.

Ford Fusion Pre Sense

ford fusion pre sense

Ford Fusion pre-sense light flashes when it finds a vehicle approaching from the front. The system will automatically apply brakes to avoid a collision if you fail to push the brake pedal on time.

Ford Fusion Battery Charge Warning Light

ford fusion battery charge warning light

This symbol signifies a fault in the battery, requiring you to turn off all needless electrical equipment and get in touch with your Ford dealer instantly.

Ford Fusion Abs Warning Light

ford fusion abs warning light

It flashes to inform about any internal problem in the ABS, needing you to engage the standard braking system for the time being and later examine it at your Ford dealership.

Ford Fusion Door Open Warning Light

ford fusion door open warning light

This light illuminates when the Fusion’s doors open, or someone fails to close them properly.

Ford Fusion Hood Open Warning Light

ford fusion hood open warning light

Like the door open light, this symbol appears when you open the hood or fail to close it correctly.

Ford Fusion Lane Keep Assist Warning Light

ford fusion lane keep assist warning light

This lane-keeping symbol shows that the Fusion is not keeping the lane while the system is active, and you didn’t apply the turn signal. The system will alert you through steering vibration and may intervene to drive you back into the lane.

Ford Fusion Swing Gate Reminder Warning Light

ford fusion lane keep assist warning light

Same as the hood indicator, this symbol is about the swing gate, which shows up in the cluster when you open the swing gate or fail to close it accurately.


What do the lights on my dashboard mean Ford?

The green light on the ford dashboard means the system is working or in use. The yellow light indicates that something is not working properly or the car requires extra care. Red light is a symbol of danger and it indicates that something is seriously wrong with your car and you need to check your car immediately otherwise you will be in serious trouble.

What are the icons on the dashboard?

Warning light for oil pressure
Tire pressure alert indicator
Engine Light
ABS ( Anti-lock Braking System) Light
Low Fuel Warning Light
Warning indicator for engine temperature
Traction Control Light
Battery Warning Lamp

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