The Ford Mustang 2017: Is It Worth It?

Ford Mustang 2017

Back in 2016, Ford did what they do best; they redefined the way that we think about muscle cars. The 2016 Mustang was one of the most exciting cars produced that year offering superb power, a whole range of features, a gorgeous design, and a drive that was equal parts comfortable and exhilarating. Now we have the 2017 Mustang, and that leads to one, all-important question: is it worth it? Is there anything that Ford could have done to improve upon the 2016 model? Here we have a comparison between the two so that you can see whether or not the 2017 is really worth it over its predecessor.

Image by RL GNZLZ


When it comes to performance, there is no difference between the 2016 and 2017 models. That’s not a glib way of saying that they perform similarly, there is literally no difference! The engine options for both models are identical, and they both come equipped with the same performance features. The suspension on both models is identical too.


Once again there isn’t much between the two here. Both models come with standard seats that are pretty comfortable, and they both offer an extremely smooth ride. It does have to be said that the 2017 does feel a little smoother when you’re behind the wheel, but it’s the kind of thing that, potentially, only the most die-hard driving enthusiast would notice.


The 2017 model carries over the style of the 2016 pretty much exactly with one exception: colour. The 2017 has exclusive Lightning Blue and Grabber Blue exteriors which are quite a bit more enjoyable than the 2016’s exclusive Competition Orange paint job. There are plenty of used cars for sale that seem years out of date compared to their newer counterparts, but the 2016 Mustang is not one of them. If you’re looking at the standard colours, you’d be hard pressed to know which was which by style alone.


The features of both cars are nearly identical with one small, but significant, difference. The 2017 model comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration with smartphones. This means that hooking up your phone to your car is incredibly easy. While the Bluetooth capabilities are hardly a pain to deal with, the proprietary models are simply easier and more reliable in a pinch. Other than that the features are identical. Both feature advanced safety tech like Adaptive Cruise Control and the Blind Spot Information System which, once you’ve experienced, you’ll wonder how you ever drove without it.

Is it worth it?

In a word, no. It might have become pretty clear that there is hardly any difference between these two models, in fact sometimes there’s no difference at all! However, there is one difference that is likely to have a huge impact on your choice of which of these two models to go for: The price tag. It’s impossible to ignore just how much more the 2017 model costs for no real reason other than the fact that it’s shiny and new. If you want to experience Ford’s redefining of the modern muscle car but don’t feel like paying out the nose for it, the 2016 Mustang is the car for you.

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