Get the Right Insurance for your Car

So you’re looking into getting a new insurance policy for your vehicle? Do you not know where to start?  Don’t worry; this guide will help you find the right insurance for your specific needs. Here are some great steps to follow to insure you find the best insurance for you and your car.

First Figure out What type of Coverage you need.

Three Types of Coverage:

Although insurance policies and prices vary from company to company, there are three basic types of coverage you’ll want to consider.

  1. Liability: With liability insurance, if the accident is your fault, the insurance company will usually cover all damage you caused, including bodily injury and property damage.
  2. Collision: With collision insurance, the insurance company will typically pay for repairs performed after an accident.
  3. Comprehensive: Comprehensive insurance takes care of it all.  Damage from vandalism, floods, fires, and other actions is covered. Each specific company is different, and some insurance agencies don’t cover certain kinds of mishaps, so make sure you know all the details.

1. Do your Homework

If you’re purchasing a new vehicle it’s important to do your research. The cost of insurance can change based on the car, model, and year.  The bigger the engine, the higher your insurance premium will be. MSN Money has a great tool that gives you an idea of what your average premium would be for your vehicle.

2. Get Quotes

Before going out and purchasing a car, it’s important to get quotes. It’s not a great feeling buying a new car that fits your budget just right and later finding out that your insurance premium is too high and you can’t insure it.

3. Dig for Discounts

Insurance companies offer a great deal of discounts for being a good driver, a student with good grades, to a short commute driver. Grab all the deals you qualify for and get those discounts!

Right Insurance for your Car

It’s also good to review your insurance every year, your circumstances can change. During a year lots can happen, a new job that’s now closer to your home or moving to a new city, these changes can make you eligible for even more discounts.

4. Find an Agent

Look to friends and family members for help and for the best possible agent. By now you’ve done your research and are prepared to haggle. Contact an agent and let them know their competition offered you this price, and if they can beat it.

5. Full Coverage Insurance

Although having full coverage on your vehicle can be pricey it is important for newer vehicles. It can be a bit expensive but that’s what insurance is for, to protect you during an emergency. It’s also important to have when you’re applying for a collateral loan like A Car Title Loan on your vehicle. But please do your research and find the best deal for your buck.

6. Be a Good Driver!

This goes without saying but no one wants to insure a high risk driver. Be careful out there, traffic violations and points on your license will follow you and will result in a higher premium no matter the car.

Choosing the correct insurance policy for your vehicle takes some good research. It’s always good to go to friends and family for advice to find the best auto insurance for you.

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