Great Compiling of 2013 All-New Range Rovers

The famous auto manufacturer company of Jeeps and big Land Rovers presented the light weight Range Rovers in 2013 at the single showrooms and all these models have unveiled with the aluminum body structure. All Range Rover models are infect very unique and better than the previous models due to redesigned air suspension system; driver operated Terrain Response control and greatly increased maximum wading depth. These models are 420kg lighter than the previous models, its cabin space is also big than the outgoing models.

These models have very remarkable interior and exterior features with best performance, it has eight speed auto gearbox and electric power steering, V6 and V8 diesel engines with supercharged V8 petrol unit with all connectivity’s and accessories so you can buy it with starting prices from £ 71,295 for the lead-in V6 diesel and rising to £98,395 for the range-topping supercharged petrol model.

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