Honda Announces New UNI-CUB Personal Mobility Device

The Honda auto company is recognized and well known in the whole world as the best brand auto company, Honda announced the new UNI-CUB mobility device for the people. This small mobility device has a seat type body structure and it can run 6km/h and runs with the help of comfortable saddles, it is designed for harmony with people and it can ride freely in all directions like the walking on the road. It has Honda Omni Traction Drive System which helps to ride, control the speed, stop and move in any direction among the crowed of the people. The rider can enjoy with this device because it has a feature to manage the height according to his actual height.

The UNI-CUB has compact saddle-style which gives the rider an easiness to manage the legs to reach the ground and he can feel pleasure like other pedestrians. It can ride in markets, libraries, shopping centers and offices. Honda decided to present this device in the other countries of the World, the balance control technology of UNI-CUB is the part of Honda Robotics family of technologies which present the robots and famous ASIMO. It has very impressive features in a small device; it has 745-825 seat height, Lithium-ion Battery, 6km/h maximum speed. It has Omni-direction freedom of movement similar to human walking, Movement in harmony with other people, Compact size for moving and climbing gradients in barrier-free indoor environments and Weight control combined with touch panel control.

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