Learn From the Best: How Car Dealers Use Marketing To Sell

When you think about successful salespeople, you often picture car dealers. They have a natural ability to negotiate, and get the best deals out of their customers. The reason for this is an expert ability to market themselves and their cars. As a business blog that thrives on marketing techniques, we think you can learn a lot from them. As a business owner, it’s always useful to adopt techniques from every industry, and use them for yourself. With that in mind, we’re looking at how these marketing experts get the best deal every time.

Car-DealersImage credit: Demetrius, My Car Salesman


We all know that car dealers are experts in negotiation. Haggling comes as second nature to them, and it’s something you can adopt for your business. When it comes to business, your first rule is that everything is negotiable. Whether it’s supplies, products, or services, always ask for the discount. Always look for how to strike a better deal. Put yourself in the shoes of the other party, and ask yourself what they’re looking for. Then find a way to help them. That’s what car dealers do every day, and it’s how you can secure great deals.

Local search

Car dealers know that the world has quickly moved online. When people are looking to find a new car, they instinctively load up their internet browsers, and start searching. As a local business, they make sure their website is on the first page of Google. In the last twelve months, Google has put a strong emphasis on local businesses in their search algorithm. They want local buyers to find sellers in their area. With a variety of clever keywords and SEO tricks, you can make sure your business appears on Google. There’s also another big factor here:

Online reviews

There is nowhere to hide when it comes to the internet! Thanks to review sites, it’s now impossible to get away with poor service and bad customer opinions. Nowadays, the likes of TripAdvisor and Yelp are now important influencers. 90% of buyers trust online reviews, which means every local business needs to encourage positive feedback. It’s also crucial because Google looks at online reviews when ranking your website. It will rank highly reviewed local businesses higher than those with poor reviews. Local car dealers know this, and so should you.

Customer relations software

Customer interaction and relationship is a cornerstone of business. Remember, your customers are the lifeblood of your company. They keep the profits rolling in, and they spread the word about your products. In the digital age, customer relations management software makes it easier than ever. The auto industry uses car dealer software to record and monitor customer activity. It tracks purchases, and records every interaction. It allows dealers to upsell new deals like servicing packages. It allows them to stay in touch, and continue the communication after the sale. Best of all, it lets them personalise every piece of marketing that comes next. You can do the same by investing in CRM software for your industry.

Now you know how the legendary car dealers market themselves effectively. Follow their lead, and boost your sales.

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