How to Close a Car Sale Using Video

Sales pitching has evolved over the years, and one of the strongest techniques many salespeople use is video. For car deals, it provides potential buyers with personal access to what you have to offer, building trust and increasing engagement. Speaking with customers in real life is usually ideal, but with video, you can reach far more people online without throwing chunky blocks of text at them. Here are some ways you can close a car sale using video.

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Image credit: pexels

Keep the Image Clear

No matter how well your pitch is or how friendly your tone comes across, the video won’t reach people in the same way if it’s blurry or dim. Make sure you film somewhere with plenty of light to increase the quality of the image and use a steady hand while filming. The quality of your film represents the quality of your company, after all, so you want it to be as crystal clear as possible.

Make it Catchy

While a video is inherently catchier than a large block of text, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take a little work to make it as engaging as possible. By using the SnapCell app’s simple start and stop function, you can quickly edit out all the bits that you don’t need to use. When you hit record, you might find that you’ve rambled on a bit, and you don’t want to keep in all the ‘urms’! Don’t follow a strict script, but make sure you keep what you’re saying relevant and succinct.

Record Multiple

Any great salesperson knows a pitch should always be personal, and that simply cannot be achieved with just one video. Don’t think you can record one and you’re finished! Using a simple SnapCell app allows you to start over and over so you can create multiple sales videos, helping you reach a larger audience.

Be Friendly

Don’t just show a face – show personality! Treat the video as you would if a potential customer was to walk through the door. Be enthusiastic as much as you are informative, and make sure to keep eye contact with the camera. If it makes you perform better, pretend you are pitching to the person behind the camera! Rather than focusing on actually closing a sale, aim to guide the audience towards your page.

Update Often

The best way to keep potential customers engaged is to post fresh videos whenever you can. Got a new model of car in? Show it off! By keeping your videos up to date, you show people that you constantly stay on top of the game.

Make the Most out of Your Surroundings

While you’ll spend the video talking, that doesn’t mean the camera should stay on your face. Use your surroundings! Show off the car, take the camera inside to the driver’s seat, and use SnapCell’s three-hundred-and-sixty-degree spin to give the audience a full-blown view of what you have to offer. It makes for more exciting content and fewer clicks off of the video.

With the right app, equipment, and sales skills, you have enough to create a video that will seal plenty of car sales.

Jasper has been an enthusiast of the automotive and IT industries since the age of 16. He independently writes on the auto industry's recent happenings.